Write Confirmation – Your Personal Statements

Verifications are positive written or oral statements you read or tell yourself every day to help rearrange your thoughts in positive thinking. When you read continuously or conversations confirmations for 30 (some say 20 days), it becomes a habit that will change your thoughts and your great behavior. At one time, you will see yourself showing more abundance in your life.

Be clear and consider what you want to change or live in your life and write your confirmations in a well-defined language. It's best to use your own words, as the words give your confirmation more power.

If you run a statement that someone else wrote what speaks to you, rewrite it in your own communication style.

Keep your statements positive and as short as possible. The longer your confirmation, the more likely you will read them continuously. Write them in modern times. Writing your intentions in the future is not a good idea, as your focus will always be out in the future and your goals are just excluded. Release negative words, such as not, not, can not, try, etc. Using contradictory words will reverse your energy intentions and you will get what you do not want instead, or it could at least reduce your progress. The following statements are examples of positive confirmation.

I am a successful business woman.
I have many amazing relationships and feel truly loved.
Money comes to me easily, and all my needs are met a lot.
I'm a powerful speaker.
I am the author of the author who writes famous stories.
I eat healthy nutritious foods that balance your body.

Read your confirmation 3 times a day, if possible. Early morning when you get up, or just before you go to night for the night, the best times are to read them, because your mind is responsive at this time. Of course, if you're having trouble doing these hours, read them whenever you can.

Put them around your house or office to make them visible. They mean being reminders, so do not put them in a binder where you will not see them. Remember, the old saying, "Out of sight, out of mind" really comes into play here.

Many people get good results with recording and listening to their confirmation, and this is certainly an option if you have a recording as a visual learning style.


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