15 Small life classes for successful goal setting

Thus you sat down and started targeting. Where did you start? Of course, your monster!

Fun things are the most important thing for you at this point in your life. It's a natural place to start. Well, whether that process, family or special relationship, do you neglect the rest of your life in your goals?

I've come up with 15 areas of your life that you could consider in your goals plan. This will help you take measures to build a balanced and adequate life. Here they are in alphabetical order:

1) Artistic / creative
2) Career
3) Society
4) Family
5) Finance,
6) Fitness
] 19 )
8) Fun,
9) Health,
10) Learning / Intellectual Property
11) Living,
12) Personal Relationship,
13) Psychological,
14) Recreation,
15) Spiritual

Of course, you do not want to create goals in each area. It would be a bit overwhelming and could really work against you. Choose 3-7 of these areas in addition to the goal in the monster, then take the goal by setting your goal. As you do this, carefully consider which areas could matter to you.

The following is a brief overview of seven out of 15 areas with some examples for some of them.

Artistic / creative – Do you have a jen to paint or do you love to sing? Perhaps you like to cut a tree, make a soap or play a musical instrument. Including goal-related activities like these can add color and gratification to your life in such a way that other target groups do not.

Society – This area includes things like volunteer work with local groups (profit or other), or political and social projects in the area where you live. It also includes organizations that you belong to such clubs and other social groups.

Finance – This area may be obvious in some way and may affect your career. But you may also want to take into account the goal of retirement plans, savings and investment. You may also want to add learning about retirement or investment vehicles as part of this area of ​​your life.

Fitness – Good health is the basis of good life. And because the exercise is a major part of your health, the goal in this area is very important. To paraphrase Tony Robbins, you can be very interested in success, but if you can not go out of bed in the morning, then you have a problem!

Fun – Now you can be one of those who never loses the opportunity to "skip". But if you're like most, this can be the area of ​​your life that you neglect. So, I say, life is too short, not having as much fun as you can while doing all that another goal is to set up! Say jokes, be silly and usually let your hair be a good goal to keep your balance and joy.

Learning / Cognitive – Keeping your mind crisp and youthful is a worthy goal, would not you say? A few ways to do this include taking courses to stimulate content you want to learn about, read new books / magazines and play mentally challenging games like chess and bridge.

Spirituality – For some people, this can not be an important part of life. For others it might be most important. Here I am not just talking about religion and traditional spiritual issues. A goal in this area of ​​life might be to write down plans to forgive someone, to be more loving to others or to start a new job like meditation or yoga.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, all 15 areas are important, I chose those that I found most related to an example. When you go through the list, figure out what will give you the most pleasure in your life; more friends, more money, more fun, affiliate or any of other areas. One good way to help your choice is to place each area on your importance on scale 1-10 (one = least important and 10 = most important). You find yourself reaching your goals by using the goal more than ever before, but it is most important that you will enjoy your life more!


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