18 Types of metals

The first very obvious question is – What is this darned metaphor? Another imaginary name? Well … yes and no. It is imagined but also effective. Loaded with energy. Filled with genius. By definition, a metaphor is a number of cases where two completely different words or sentences are put together to suggest an equation. Confused? What are the examples?

Everything in the world

Yes, it's Shakespeare and he's comparing the world to a level. You do not generally see the world as a level, you see it … as the world, the planet, the mother; but not points. That's why it's a metaphor. Because it has combined two totally unrelated things and understood it.

It was simple. But there is no peace, here the roller coaster starts. (bet you will not enjoy it now)

1. Extender or telescoping metaphor or conceit

Once your metaphoric insight has evolved, you can not interfere with only one image. As –

All the world is level and men and women are only players.

This extension – "Men and Women are Only Players" has made this widespread video. The author corrected the "world" and "stage" by introducing part of the "world" (men and women) and "points" (players). Of course, it has to be sensible. You can not lengthen it by comparing men and women with ipod. Sounds insufficient? Exactly.

2. Metonym

When you have become tired of finished words and are looking for words closely related to what has not been used to death, the word is metonymous. New word to replace old. Of course, an example. The pen is stronger than the sword. This word in itself has become clumsy, but originally the thought was different. Here is the letter for the freedom of expression and the sword for the power of the power. Now, if you said, freedom is greater than power, no one would have said wow. It is therefore a pen and a sword instead of freedom and power.

3. Mixed Metaphor

Some of us fail to create a good imagery; so twisted, out of a rhythmic imagery is called a mixed metaphor.

The waves of emotion have borne my heart.

Can waves suggest? They make in an unconventional world, but most of us are still true, but widely tolerated by nonsense, and therefore such a nonsense is given a moderate name mixed metaphor.

Okay, for the sake of – there are two types of mixed metals: allowed mixed metaphor and impossible mixed metaphor. Never use unacceptable ones, so I allow myself to explain only the permissible ones.

Permissible mixed metaphors, although objects are not directly linked.

We have weathered enough storms of iron wolf.

There is no connection between storm storms and iron will, it still sounds right.

4. Absolute metaphor

Perfect imagery to show nonsense and confusion. In a complete imagery, the metaphor is, in fact, not sensible.

She broke a sad piece.

In a world of foolishness it is dominant absolute. Confuse them with your confusion.

There are two types of absolute imagery: Paralogical and antimetaphore.

5. Implied metaphor

Implied metaphor is an indirect metaphor as it is a consequence of the whole.

Close your trap.

He shrugged his feathers.

No bird and no mouth, just feathers and traps. Yes, it is indicated.

6. Dead Metaphor

Dead metals have been so used to losing their personality.

Face of the mountain

Crown of glory

Dead metals are mainly used as sentences and not as metals. Their organization has died. Now they are just sentences, though their names are still. Take your hats away. It's boring time!

7. Dormant metaphor

Our teachers did not eat good words. Here it is again. When the meaning of the image becomes unclear because the sentence has been shortened, it is called hypnotic.

He was flaming. (for what if you please)

She went to her cousin. (why?)

They blew her away. (WHAT?)

Okay, that makes sense, but by themselves they do not make the whole picture. Why a bad word. Striking, yes, they are asleep. Hibernating. But still alive.

8. Synecdoche metaphor

The name is scary but it's pretty simple. In a synecdoche imagery, a part of the company is used instead of the item. For example, feathers instead of birds or claws instead of crabs. These organizations are symbolic as a whole.

Her feet fluttered like terrible wings.

9. Root metaphor

Root metaphors are mentioned because of their many other metals can be fed. There are also generalizations like –

Time is money.

Make a hay while the sun shines.


10. Active Imagery

Active metals are newborn so you have to introduce them to the world. They are not familiar with the reader. Therefore, it is better if it is clearly explained.

Blinking her love.

They mashed every other life.

New unprecedented metaphor is an active metaphor.

11. Submerged metaphor

Underneath the pictogram, the first part of the image or vehicle is indicated. For example: his winged dreams or her legged ambitions.

12. Dying metaphor

It should have been named death of the video & # 39; or "mummy image model" because when you record a dead video from the grave and use it in your writing, they can not be called coloring. I do not know what George Orwell thought when he thought of the name. J Dying metaphors are clichéd metaphors like

Needle in haystack

Achilles heel

Another ball game

13. Conceptual metaphor

This is difficult, so read slowly. The ideologist has many metaphorical meanings in them. Their underlining means creating a novel or universal idea. The life of a journey is an old ideological imagery. This image has a universal appeal. It's not a matter of a particular condition or human being. It's true for all.

If you see life as a journey, you can also use many other metals like

My life just stopped

I've reached crossroads.

I came into this world without luggage.

So, the life of a journey is an ideological image.

14. Pataphor

Bands are metaphors that are stretched so much that they do not perceive. They are usually used to draw attention and introduce new ones.

He interrupted his fear, hurried his anger and collapsed into the house.

15. Simple or tight metaphor

In a simple video, you do not have to do much. Just cool it. There's nothing to cool except just that. In serious notes, in a simple metaphor, the relationship between the vehicle (cold) and the tenor (it) is very close (tight).

Duck (bow) down.

He's mad (crazy).

You are a dinosaur (huge).

Typically, simple metaphors are very short. Just two or three words for the most part.

16. Inactive composer

Here, neither the vehicle nor the tenor is clearly specified, but it is indicated.

Close your trap.

Watch your tongue.

Here is a "trap" and "tongue" is used instead of mouth and word.

17. Composite or Removable Metaphor

Composite metaphor is made of more than one similarity, in which the writer extends the metaphor using more than one organization.

He ran toward the assassin, a wild beast with a striking heart.

The air melts for fear, fear of leaving.

18. Complex metaphor

In a complex metaphor, you have a simple encyclopedia and his accomplice (not in crimes). Instead of explaining, an example would be better.

Let me shed light on his character .

Here is a "throw" used for "light" which is not in itself.


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