25 Power Questions to Ask Your Instructors

If you have a supervisor, make sure you ask the following questions at any time in your relationship:

1. What are your goals and dreams (short-term and long-term)?

2. How can I help you achieve your goals and dreams?

3. Why do you choose to pursue these goals and dreams?

4. Which books have influenced your ideas and thoughts?

5. What ideas or thoughts inspired you or encouraged you to get started?

6. What is the only action you've taken that explains your most success?

7. If you could change your life in one way, what would you change?

8. What magazines, news and / or information products do you learn?

9. How do you handle defeat and / or failure?

10. How do you handle obstacles and obstacles?

11. What are your strengths?

12. What are your weaknesses?

13. Who's your hero?

14. Who's in your personal and professional network?

15. Who has had the most impact on your life?

16. Who are your personal and professional advisers?

17. Who do you listen to? Who do you agree with?

18. Who are your personal and professional mentors?

19. Why can these people encourage you to connect and connect with you?

20. Who are mentors' guides?

21. What dreams or goals inspired your mentors?

22. Who affects your mentors?

23. Who are your mentor's guides?

24. What magazines, newspapers and / or information products teach your teachers?

25. Who's in your mentor and personal and professional network?

Do not override your supervisor by asking all twenty questions at a time. Instead of finding the appropriate time to naturally wrap the questions in regular conversations. You can even send an email to ask one particular question each week or every month.

Take the time to digest the answers you receive and apply the answers to your life, if applicable. You get feedback related to the changes you make in your life, ensuring that you follow up sharing your success and mistakes with your mentor.

Remember that the only stupid question is the question that is not asked. Take advantage of the experience and insight your supervisor has to offer.

If you are not experiencing success in your life, something you do not know.

Find out !! Ask your supervisor!


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