3 Innovative sex positions for better sex

You may have heard about a missionary position, a man at the top, a woman above but have heard about the earth and meteor position, balance and pole position. I'm sure you want to know about them, so read on.

Earth and Meteorism:

Here, a female companion would continue to hold her knees and take almost a position like a child in the womb, thus illuminating her vagina. A male mate would go around her and get into her sooner and make one hit every time. She's turning and he comes in again.

This requires a lot of exercises, but once reached you can be sure it will give more fun than ever before.

The Balance Act:

This is strict for those who have a flexible body that lacks convulsions.

They are advised to use this marvelous position for sexual pleasure. Here the man is directed with his arrested penis and the woman in a standing position at 45 degrees to the ground with her hand as a guide trying to put her penis in. This is a bit of gymnastics, but once achieved, this can increase this aspect of smooth sexual intercourse.

Try to believe it.

I know that in the aforementioned two places women will work much harder. So in the next position we will make male counterparts to work a little harder.

Pole Position

Here is a female, quite naked to hold a pole, the male side man must try to get into it. This is a little tricky because a man must try to turn her around and she tries to keep the pole toward the front side as much as possible. This acts as a fool for the man.

By this we arrive at the end of the first part of an innovative sexual orientation. Hopefully the first part.


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