3 things you must do to achieve your goals

As we think about and plan for next year – here's an idea – what if you put yourself to success, instead of failure? There are 3 things you need to do to accomplish your goals and potentially change your life.

1. Familiarize yourself

People, in my experience, forget to take care and how they take into account setting goals. They tend to consider what they want and do not consider what they have to do to get it.

For example, if my goal is to practice regularly, I could put "go to the gym" in the calendar three or four days a week. Done! Woo hoo, I'm going to hit my goal, right? If that was so simple … here are some things to consider: Is I even checking the calendar on a regular basis? Just because it is written down, will I do it or ignore it? What usually stops me when I try to reach my goals? Before I reached my goal, what method did I use what worked for me?

If you want to achieve your goals, the first step is to look at yourself, without judgment, and take into account how you do it.

2. Stretch 2 – 5 Steps In Front Of What You Are Now (And No Further)

As my friend and colleague, Lisa Ferrer points out, you can only show what your mind believes. If you drive Ford now, it's probably too many steps ahead to think you're going to drive Ferrari next year. Set the goals so that they look like stretching and a little uncomfortable, excitingly. Remember, you can always go further. Indeed, when we have our clients to do visuals, we use frames that are easy to open when they reach the 2 – 5 level stretch, they can open the frame and add a picture of the next stretch goal.

Being too ambitious with your goal seems to be good to challenge you and move on. Our experience with hundreds of customers is that it's harmful to succeed by being too ambitious. So … what do you think of a new BMW?

Perform, Perform, Perform

The plan you make is always better than a plan you do not. Make a list of all your goals. Look at everything you want to achieve and choose your priorities. What is one thing, if you've achieved it, would have the biggest effect? I went through this process myself a few years ago. After I made my list, I had over 20 goals written. I found it surprising. I decided to exercise regularly would do everything else reasonable to achieve that I would get more energy, my head would be clearer and my body would be stronger. This year I practiced seven days a week for more than six months and moved a lot of other goals.

Select your priorities and focus on the goals that will have the biggest impact. Do not try to do too much at a time and do something better than do nothing.

You must take final action to accomplish your goals and these three steps are becoming. Familiarize yourself and take how you get that in mind, and you'll get more. Make your goal stretch that is uncomfortably exciting, 2 – 5 steps ahead of what you are now. Once you've achieved it, select the next goal. Finally, you must implement your goals to get them done!


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