4 Become a mantra (confirmation) for hair growth

Hair growth or regrowth can occur at any time. Hair follicles are alive and ready to continue to create normal hair when they get appropriate marks, so it's important to focus on sending the follicles the signals they need on a regular basis. Mantra is a sound, a statement, a word or a group of words that are considered capable of "creating transformation" or in this case a signal. Mantras can be said aloud or repeated as a thought at all times throughout the day.

Tips for Using Mantras for Hair Growth

  • Start with one or two mantras at a time and see what works for you.
  • Start your mind – see the hair or hair you want.
  • For the first time, emphasis is placed on the mantra and has made it in your mind. See what comes to mind when you emphasize your confirmation. If something negative comes up – go and ask. There may be something that not only keeps our reincarnation, but elsewhere in your life.
  • When your mantra shows you clear and positive images, skip the photos and focus only on the repetition. You may find it easier to use your breath while you end your confirmation when you start.
  • When you're happy with your mantra, use them at different intervals throughout the day and repeat at least twice each time.

As you become more experienced with confirmation, they become automatic. You can find yourself driving in the car or grocery store and suddenly takes notice of what is happening in your head. Once you have set your mantra's intent, it will work at your own pace – you just have to keep in mind using the repetition at different times of the day. Remember, in order for a mantra to work, you must first set your mind, concentrate on it and let it go and believe it will appear.

  • I have a healthy hair
  • Glossy, long, silky hair
  • My hair is growing
  • My hair is long (curly, healthy, use your own adjective here)
  • I love my hair [19659004] I have a lot of hair
  • Love my hair rejuvenation
  • These are some suggestions for mantra – they are simple but effective. Play with them and customize them to keep you, keep them easy to remember and repeat. Use them in conjunction with meditation to become even more effective.


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