4 tips to stop panic attacks

Although the ultimate remedy for panic attacks will come first because you have severe anxiety disorder and by seeking psychological help – these are the steps you can take to reduce this intestine when you start to receive .

1. Breathing is important.

While it sounds simple, breathing is one of the most important factors to put an end to a panic attack. Before the next step, learn simple breathing methods that include relaxation methods. Although a common suggestion is to breathe in a paper bag and cause overdose, the truth is that this can really increase anxiety in some.

The best method is what works for you. There are many breathing techniques to choose from, so do some research and talk to someone who has experience of different types of meditation. Exercising these methods daily will help you train yourself to take control of your breathing. In this way, during an attack, you will be easier to focus on breathing and slow down your breathing rate. For many, breathlessness may be enough to conquer panic and anxiety.

2. Sing, read poems or review jokes.

A variable part of the panic attack is a negative thinking pattern based on current negative thinking to create a snowball effect of negative thoughts. This choir of negative thoughts has always caused an overwhelming sense of imminent judgment and crisis.

Therefore, one of the most effective ways to complete a panic attack is to disturb the chain of negative thoughts with positive emotions or imagery. Keep a good joke book on your bedside table. Make what is written by a professional comic – one you know has made you break into a side-by-side break as you read it. Or if poetry is a much more powerful stimulus for your feelings, keep your book of your favorite uplifting poetry easy at your fingertips.

Try singing! Singing your favorite song can serve to immediately distract your mind as the words and the song interfere with the negative thoughts that were previously racing through the mind.

3. Remove Anxiety

For most people who suffer from brain disorders, these factors are most common when they find themselves in a particular situation or when dealing with a particular problem. For example, you could start anxiety when sitting in a passenger seat. Or the heart can start pounding every time the phone rings.

It is important to admit that these feelings of imminent judgment and fear represent the reactions you have that are very normal and normal. And it's a reaction to counseling and cognitive behavioral treatment, you can repeat your mind to change. However, before you have learned these methods, important means to complete the predictable aggression are to remove you immediately from the event or situation that he has just caused. When the phone rings, ask someone else to answer it and go to the room. If you get to ride the front seat of the car is getting overly overwhelming, the driver must stop the car and try to sit in a seatbot instead. A simple change, before the panic attack can take place, can help prevent these overwhelming and catastrophic attacks to take over your life.

4. Use Powerful and Positive Confirmation

As fuel in fate of attack is the start of negative thoughts – immediately the method of stopping the attack is to positively replace all of these negative thoughts. This can be done in connection with your breathing method. When your eyes are closed, take care of every negative thought and look it – just as a scientist would recognize a strange new species. Take the negative thinking and show that it is replaced by positive thinking that completely contradicts it. Imagine the thought as a real physical object that fits into a slot in your mind – you must remove this thought, throw it into the trash and put your new, positive thinking.

In view of our example where the phone called the attack and you have gone to your room to remove you from the immediate sound of the phone call – start practicing the breathing procedure with your eyes closed. When you know the negative thinking that is disturbing you, take out this thought and throw it into the trash. For example, this might be a thought that "someone has called me bad news". Be sure to take an idea of ​​this thought and throw it into the trash. Then come up with more attractive and better looking positive thinking that is completely in contrast to the negative. This could be "someone has called to give me wonderful news". Repeat this positive thought to yourself a few times and you would imagine inserting it into the slot as it was negative before. Then slowly and methodologically, move on to the next negative thinking.

This technique is an excessive form of intellectual behavioral treatment that can work in a very powerful way to put an end to an active panic attack. Before long, you will discover that feelings of doom and fear have been replaced by feelings of calm and relaxation – and panic and anxiety will endure.


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