Actual leadership: Six characteristics of a valid leader

Bill George, former chairman and CEO of Medtronic, was once asked to describe the most important features a leader needed in the company. He said, "I can summarize it in one word: reliability."

Qualities are necessary and still part of leadership that is often overlooked.

Good leadership goes beyond what we tend to think of as the skills and knowledge needed for leadership. Every leader must know how to influence, motivate, organize, manage, communicate effectively and so on. These laws, for the most part, can be obtained with a typical MBA program and vocational training. They have been described infinitely in literature and are the focus of most leadership development programs.

Good leaders take these trains to another level. They can influence, motivate and so on, but do not apply these talents as methods or techniques. Actual leaders do not work with captured lead-up tones. They do not have one personality when they are in front of staff and others when they are themselves or with friends.

Known leaders know more how to lead from a place beyond the mindset. They work from the heart and are always consistent with their purpose in life. They are simply and really themselves in any case.

Leaders who hold true leadership can move quickly and effortlessly between two worlds. They are at ease and safe in the company's external world, employees and the market in general. They are as comfortable in their own inner world, within their own being or spirit. Actual leaders respond to both worlds as one whole.

How can I specifically compile what does the leader do independently? I have found that these leaders have six characteristics:

1. Own leaders are genuine.

They are true to themselves, but it may appear. They feel at home in their own skin and are not afraid to let others see them as they are, including the bugs they may have.

2. Own leaders have found their purpose in life.

They find meaning in their work and other ways of life and have a clear basis for making decisions and choices that they make. Their staff and career are consistent with their true nature.

3. Powerful leaders lead their organization with purpose and vision.

They are not in business for purely financial reasons; but rather they and their organizations to provide community service. Their future vision comes first and they set goals to achieve that perspective.

4. Actual leaders know when to respond and when to be patient. They know insight when action needs to be taken and when the more effective way to wait. Everything in life and business has the right time. The key is to know and move with the flow.

5. Own leaders know that the world has no influence on its being.

Because they are in touch with their hearts, they are not thrown by changes and challenges in the outer world. They keep calm and content and do not worry about what others may think about.

6. Actual leaders are pleased to not be in control (and there are total administrators).

They do not need to control their own situation. Because they are in flow and do not resist a change in their business and personal world, they actually feel more control than if they are in constant control to control.

Powerful leaders bring their spirits to work. Tao Te Ching describes this beautifully:

If you want to be a great leader, you must learn to follow Tao (the flow of life). Stop trying to control. Release the fixed plans and ideas and the world will control itself.


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