Administrator courage – Truth with your employees

Administrator courage. When most people hear this sentence, they think of courage to make difficult decisions. And while I would certainly agree with what is part of it, I think that harder things are being honest and above those you control.

Best executives are those who regularly match their individual team to discuss the strengths and opportunities of the device, what they need to do to continue to grow in their role or make it to the next level. For those employees who are lowering or not cutting it, an unexpected discussion of where they need to improve and a way to get there must be discussed. For the manager to let this drop because it's an unpleasant conversation, because he believes it will make him unpopular because she does not want to stop demotivating the individual, it's not only wrong in all accounts but it's also shy. To ignore a sub-role is to make disservice to the whole team and the organization.

Imagine that you have been average and good food in recent years and all of a sudden, your performance has been very good. After the shock, you should find that your manager has no intestines (government courage) to discuss the matter from the outset. Why do managers avoid these types of forums?

Sitting across the counter from university and telling them you think their performance is poor is a difficult task. The key to doing well is the mindset. Instead of viewing the forum as a "down" and "meeting" session, if it is approached as an opportunity to improve the person's performance, it will be better. Because of the delicate nature of this conversation, it is recommended to practice it with someone in HR, mentor or coach. The focus of exercises should be to prevent conflicting comments or behaviors. For a particular process that can be used as a model for the conversation, see "10 Steps to Successful" on .

It's not easy, but that's what drives good managers from the good. Have the management. Tell your people where they stand at any time!


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