Aim – How to Handle Building Impact

There are many times in your life when you get criticism; sometimes constructive and let it look at it, sometimes not. How to deal with these reviews is important for your future success.

Most people are the first reaction they will get to criticize a knee reaction because they consider themselves hurt, and need to defend their actions and offer a counter-complaint. This is often the best answer as criticism gives us the opportunity to learn more about our actions and also to grow more.

This article reviews approving reviews for what it is worth. Now before we go into detail, we want to clarify that we ask you not to roll over and accept all the criticisms; What we recommend is that sometimes criticism may be true and that criticism, which is worse, might be a good study material. So here goes … Look at how you can use criticism for good.

Next time, you're giving criticism, take a deep breath, say thank you for pointing it to me. Have a quick think, to see if criticism is right. If it's accept it and say … you're right (etc). If you do not think it's correct. Simply say … I'll take it on board. You will soon learn that this will make you feel much happier, and if the other person is saying criticism for evil, they will quickly lose interest.

An example might be as follows:

You are running with your wife next to you when writing a comment about how close you are to driving other cars. Your first reaction was a tick and you automatically attack the comment and get a warning response. However, you take a few seconds to calm yourself down. You have a quick thought about it, and realize that there was value in her words. "Your right … I sometimes drive near other cars … Thank you for pointing me to it, I try to run safer." Is the answer you give. Your wife felt recognized and you started to Drive Win.

Of course, the above is a very simple example, but it shows how the process works. Criticism offers a lot of opportunities and allows us to grow. Without that, we can be quite stagnant. is offering criticism look at it, and if you think it's merit, take it on board.


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