Aim – to overcome adrenaline lifestyle by doing things differently – tips from a coach

Know your adrenaline work then evaluate how things could be done differently. How could you better use your resources? Need help? Need to plan better? Do you need to learn to say "no, please." How will you create a better future for you? Get some options for your top hits and decide to work in a manor that gives you more peace and enjoyment.

"Cast out an awesome alarm clock.
You should not be bullied out of bed, just reminded that the time has begun the day." Sharon Gold

When my daughter was younger she has often described the opposite day. A day when we had dinner for breakfast, we dressed pajamas all day and street shoes at night, saying the opposite of what we had to say … you get the picture. It was just fun doing the opposite and changing our perspectives.

For us adults are times when the opposite day would provide interesting shake up. What if, for an area that turns out to be an adrenaline activist, you responded intentionally?

Suppose the dinner decision is an adrenaline activator for you. You do not have time to create a meal schedule every week. You often go to the store on your way home to collect content for something quick and easy to do or pick up. Just the question, "Mom, what are you eating?" makes you dumb.

What is the opposite?

What if you changed the question and asked each family member to decide what to eat one night a week and make a week of meals based on family favorites? You could recycle this meal for those particularly devastating weeks.

Be careful now what the opposite you are going.

If your boss provides other tasks for you to work with you, you have some options. First, you can say blind, yes. Or you can swing and say no. There are plenty of options in between. If you are overloaded and have to complete a task or take a few hours before you take on more, what can you do instead of saying yes and sacrifice the evening and weekends to get one more task yet?

Get 3 more options on how to do things differently.

Knowing the options outweighs the pros and cons of keeping your ultimate goal. If we go back to your work project, your goal is probably something like maintaining an affordable job, strengthening your relationship with your manager and adding value to your company and workgroup. As you work through pros and cons keep these requirements in mind. None of these requirements can be sacrificed to create the option that meets the criteria and put it into practice.


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