Are creatures and innovations the same?

We often hear the words creativity and innovation and rightly so, as they are both priceless to ensure future success almost all agencies still are examples when two are often confused or when people's definitions are the best. The difference is very simple and understanding of this will greatly assist in ensuring that the right focus is placed on both.

Preferably, any new product or service (or recovery to another) will satisfy any need or willingness in the market or solve real problems and therefore deliver tangible benefits, without it being of little value. Both creativity and innovation contribute to realizing the benefits of reality and while they are occasionally in return, they are different.

Knowing new products or services requires two things to happen. First, the idea of ​​a new product, service or reform needs to be developed first and secondly, the idea has to be implemented and, in simple terms, the difference between creativity and innovation.

Creation is all about the generation of ideas and innovation is all about making the ideas reality and making them happen.

In our experience, once a good idea has been fixed that offers significant benefits and obvious financial gains for the original individual or company. Most organizations are quite good at ensuring that they are implemented, sometimes with different efficiency than they are usually implemented anyway.

If organizations seem to fail most, it's in their ability to create great ideas that offer significant benefits or solve really difficult problems and can do this with ease and demand and still innovation (which organizations seem to constantly cry) because success depends entirely on this. Here two go together. On the other hand, there is sufficient emphasis on ideological and systematic thinking and processes that make creativity and problems to solve breeze and available on demand.

We are convinced that it is not and we were recently working with customers who emphasize this quite well.

The customer had found himself in a rather difficult situation to work on projects as they had no current solution. They realized that the current patent software could not be used in this case. Working in a highly controlled nuclear industry, finding a new solution would be difficult and with the regular barriers they would have to jump through, a totally new approach was not an option. When we initially approached the client, they had resolved the problem for more than six months and were no further.

We went to a two-day workshop with the aim of facilitating grouping and solving problems. After introducing some proven systematic tools and processes, the group came to four solutions within the first three hours of the workshop, overwhelmingly because they had not gone back! Their response from the workshop strengthened two key factors. First, the ability to think differently and creatively was systematically the key to reaching out for its solutions, and secondly, effective integration and group management was a big difference.

Needless to say, their chosen solution was developed and implemented successfully. Not only did this creatively happy customer but he also created a lucrative new, multi million dollar market for his patented technology. Not bad for a few hours.

We hope that most people would agree to create one new innovative new product, service or reform that you first need to create the idea / ideas. Similarly, the opportunity to achieve the best innovative solution could be significantly increased by creating a large amount of useful ideas on demand.

Therefore, compilation, creativity and innovation are actually two levels of the same part. Innovation is all about delivering solutions that deliver tangible benefits and creativity is to create ideas that can reduce these solutions. It is therefore clear that the quality of innovation depends on the quality of thought and creativity that it deals with. We believe that insufficient emphasis is placed on this and lack of understanding of systematic thinking software and processes that can significantly enhance our ability to create ideas and be creative.


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