Are you stuck? Consider changing your focus!

If you sometimes feel like you are in the movie life of life, you have a lot of companies. We work, struggling, we try to do all we can possibly go on more ease, but it seems to be harder to work, the more we get. If you approach Category 5 dissatisfaction, you could try this …

Divide your attention from the very good – but frustrated – person in the mirror to one or more of those who live on this good ground.

I realize that it's important to look beyond number one – ourselves. We need to set goals, submit plans, and do the things we need to do so that we can at least achieve success toward our goals. We need to demonstrate personal financial responsibility, a plan of retirement and usually our cover so that we do not chew one or more rodents of life.

But what often happens is that we are so too focused on ourselves and our own well-being that we eventually build huge walls. We lose the ability – or even desire – to see a larger picture and potential that life presents to us. We are so focused on "me" that we sometimes look into even the most insignificant events to determine their potential impact on our personal lives. We must become victims to ourselves. And to be truly honest about it, sometimes we are just so busy to be busy losing sight of where we thought we want our lives to be in the first place.

One possible solution I mentioned earlier is to change our focus from "me" to "others." From being a recipient to being a donor. And no, I do not even suggest that this requires a significant change in what we do every day. This can lead to it, but it is not an important part of the original process.

Here's what I mean. No matter what you do to earn or keep your home in a logical direction, somewhere down the line, a real person will probably benefit from what you do. Think about it. The project we do is not just contain computer systems that are full of information or help machines work better. It's not just to take people's money so we get a payroll at the end of the week. It's not just filling out forms, navigating pieces of boards together, assembling electronic equipment, tailoring packages, going to a meeting, cutting down trees, making cars, painting homes, tights, setting up a glass wall or flippin hamburger. Somewhere, sometimes (and maybe immediately), another person will probably have a positive impact on what you do.

And yes, if you have experienced attention, you have noticed that I have used some written words in the order of precedence – "probably" and "probably". I had to do that because in the real world there are several individuals who work on monetary effects mainly with emphasis on "unfavorable" activities. It's like the world is.

However, our activities and work generally reflect more positive efforts. It brings us back to the original proposal. If you are in the mercury, take a few minutes to think about the people – individuals who get better, healthier or happier because of what you do. Think about giving yourself time and talent so that others will benefit in some way from your efforts.

do you see what can happen here? When we shift our focus from "me" to "others," our work – what we do every day – begins to take a new signal. We are now a donor. Our lives are honestly meaningful. We know that what we do is very important to someone else. It's pretty special, ha?

If you really want to stretch your imagination to see at least one other who benefits from what you do and that's not really matched, could you think of another job – or at least one other a way to spend your free time. There are a lot of people who could really benefit from your abilities. Think about what you do well – what you have fun doing that could help others get a better life. Then go do it. You'll be out of the mercury before you know it.


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