Baseball Training – How to Encourage Players to Obscure

Motivation is defined as driving force to achieve goals.

If you are lucky you have a player who acts as a loser and keeps the team up, but do not forget, even a player will be a team-mate only if he gets really rough. In fact, it can actually hurt a team in certain circumstances if players become frustrated at the tennis court.

It is said that we came to Brass Tacks, Team Motivation begins and ends with a coach. Time period. Your team will assume personality and spiritual attitude, so be prepared to teach the attitude you are guiding.

Our training is about more than learning physical abilities, though it is 90% of it, but mental and emotional difficulties will also begin to blame. Getting to know your players is very important from all aspects. Watch players' reactions as they go through their exercises. Some players get angry when they fail, others become embarrassing, others take it as a learning experience and go about their business. You must make a mental comment on how each player responds to being able to encourage him once in the season.


You do not want to raise your voice or judge your fist to encourage a player who is so worried that he bounces off the dugout walls. This is when the arm around his shoulder and softer simple instruction is required.

"Okay, Johnny, listen. I do not need home. Just keep in touch."

Let's look at what we did. We heard Johnny quite a soft voice. We let him know we do not expect him to overcome by sitting at home. Give him some instructions, contact us. Then it confirms everything with a confirmation question that he needs to answer.

A player who has demonstrated indirect or emotional feelings, anger, when something is not required is a different approach.

"Okay, now Johnny, this is nothing but what you do in all exercises.

What do we do? Our voice has more keynote tone, which means we know what we are We are talking about and we are confident that he is on the project. We remember that he has already finished hitting baseball sticks faster than he wants to be against. Encouragement and directive to do something.

Tackling and stimulating team is naturally something different than an individual because you are dealing with different types of motivation at the same time. It is important that

98% of the time I walked into the castle, everything around me was in the pile . As soon as I did, everyone was taking a deep breath to relax something, but first and foremost give them time to slow down and prepare to listen. [19659002] The same reason for the situation, errors, corridors or Success I knew they understood that we could not change the condition we were in, we could only respond to it. Then I would give certain directions and remind them of a "team" that they could get out of this jam.
The conversation can go like that.

"Wait, okay, we get into this situation as a team and we get out of it as a team. Flight balls … help each other." Looking at my survey "We just need strikes." Glancing my catcher "Good goal now."

As I left the box, I always cried outfielders and pointed out with my fingers how many broadcasts there were. It did not just come back to concentrate, but the "team" strengthened the feeling.

There are hundreds of different situations that require different motivation methods and 1000 of books, videos and various materials with tips on how to handle motivation. Reading or listening to these topics can do nothing but improve your understanding of how to encourage, but do you actually have time?

It's important that you are aware of motivation is the necessary ability to work with a baseball team and it is your responsibility as a coach to set the tone for the team.

Everyone has their own style and I may sound more foreign or unrealistic for you, and that's fine. It worked for me, but another plot can work a lot better for you.

I close this category with this comment:

"The team that the team plays as a whole determines its performance. You can make the most of individual stars in the world, but if they do not play together, the club will not worth a dime. " Babe Ruth


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