Book Review – Innovation – The 5 Disciplines to Create What Customers Want

Curtis Carlson (President / Managing Director of SRI International) and William Wilmot (Executive Director of the Agency) share his business-based business. Although the book is written for larger companies, they translate messages to all businesses.

The book describes its five articles and provides support stories. The authors argue that the likelihood that you will be in proportion to using all five disciples at the same time. If you can not deal with one of them will judge you to fail.

1. Important needs. Your product or service must be based on customer value (as opposed to company, shareholder, employee or public value). Customer value = benefit – cost. You can win either the benefit or the cost to achieve high value. Similarly, you can compare values ​​using the formula: Value Factor = Costs / Cost.

2. Value creation. You need a value proposition. The value of proposition is the essence of "lift your speech". (NABC = Needs + Approach + Benefit + Competition) that deals with:

a. What are the important customers and the market needed?

b. What is a unique method of dealing with this need?

c. What are the special advantages at the expense of this approach?

d. How are these costs at the cost better than the race and the benefits?

3. Innovation Champions. You need people who are passionate and committed. In the case of small transactions, this responsibility falls to the owner. One of the challenges of growing your business is finding employees (or partners) who share your "master's titles".

4. Innovation Groups. For innovation, you need collective intelligence. In a company, you want to have finished everything in the house. As a smaller business owner, you need to create your own custom innovation team in network, mastermind, or friendships.

5. Planning Organization. Upper managers need to remove obstacles and provide organizational support. This is the advantage of smaller companies; The organization has a flat hierarchy and people are aware of its other members.


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