Building Your Training Business – What You Must Know About Your Business – Important Objectives

There are 5-8 important measurable results within each company. These are the things you must know to manage your business. If you do not know this and are not managing these numbers at least weekly, you're likely to float. Do you know?

Some of the questions you will answer should be an eyelid to you and should help you identify the gaps you need to work on.

Let's start with:

Critical Goal of Production

How many dollars do you want to make this year? ______________ (total income)

What is the average customer value for you? _______________

You can answer this question in a few different ways. Either the amount in dollars they buy once or dollars they buy a year. Indeed, how you answer this might just say a lot about how you look at what you offer and what they buy.

Now you have the key variables determine the next very important question.

How many customers do you need this year? ___________

Change only the total income of the year according to the average price of your customer.

How many customers do you want this week? ____________

Take the number of customers you want this year and change 52 weeks. Simple!

Do you deliver them many customers every week? _________

Are you paying that many dollars of income every week? ____________

If you answered any of them as no, it's time to identify where the gap is. If you answered both of these as yes, it's time to find out what's working, and since you can take these numbers even higher. We will come back to these later.

These last questions are targeted to what you have delivered. Let go of your sales figures. In general, you must sell as many customers as you have produced, but the sale may have occurred earlier or even weeks.

Sales Targeted

Sales per Week $ __________

Number of Customers __________

They are probably the same as the number of customers produced and earnings produced in a week .

If you talked to 10 customers how many would buy? ________

Turn it into percentage _________%

It's your close turnover.

Market Research Goal

Now you should be able to see how many prospects you should talk every week.

# closed sales for the week / sale end-of-sale = Number of prospects you will be talking about in a week = __________

I want to clearly define what each of these results means to eliminate confusion.

Marketing extends and touches someone who does not know you, interests you and brings them to you in any way. Now we will define the market position of someone who knocks at your door or call you. It's the first LIVE touch and they're interested in learning more. This is where they enter the sales process.

When you can touch a live, interested person, you have the first opportunity to change them in sales. It's your sales process. After they have said yes, they are entering your production or delivery.

Each important goal above represents the results of one of these processes. Marketing provides an interesting opportunity for the sales process. Sales generates customers for your production and production delivers a number of full, satisfied customers, your revenue and profit margins.

Each of these numbers should be followed weekly. And you must manage these numbers weekly. There are two things you will learn about these numbers weekly by answering this question: Am I on a ticket?

  • No
    • How far from ticket
    • Where is the gap (watching each of the important goals)
    • What do I need to do to get to the ticket …. THIS WEEK.
  • Yes
    • Look at each important goal:
      • What am I doing right?
      • Where is the opportunity to increase this figure, not just a small one … but with a number of

One thing we have not responded to is what goes on in the marketing process. It is as measurable as the rest. I admit that marketing is not measurable …. Wrong! Some people tend to say that marketing is an art, or it's a black magic. Even a professional market often says … but they are wrong! If marketing is right, you can recommend it and you can say that. We will deal with it in another article.

Now are the important goals

  • Are the results of all the processes we are managing
  • PLEASE every week
  • Are there only things the owner of the company is responsible for on (not 50-60 things that seem to pull us in the whole direction and create fire after combating fire.

Important goals are defined as follows: If the business owner returns any important goals Every week, the bottom line is, total income and profit margin that comes from almost immediately, almost guaranteed. And what is business guaranteed? This is …. if you return important goals. Another aspect of this definition goes this way if you even miss one of the important goals you will not realize the bottom line and profit and your business might be at a greater risk.

Most of the schools Things are running their business from "I'm a coach" perspective. It's like "f" Dream ", build it and they'll come. "It's trying to run a business nose to a grid in the manufacturing process. It's not where your real success comes from. Business success comes from being able to design a business and then deliver it according to plan. I guarantee that if you follow By designing this process, you have the opportunity to multiply even your original design results by 5-10 times.

As a training company owner, you are working on these important goals and achievements and continue to focus on these important goals.


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