Career Development Theory – Use of vocational training for advisors

Our world is constantly changing. What can be normal or normal behavior one year can change next. Knowing this, counselors and teachers often review the need to apply professional development studies to consultants and fit them in modern times.

Individuals go through the career development process to learn more about themselves and their paths know that the combination of these two leads them to know more about their identity in the cosmopolitan city.

Those who take continuous education, participate in internship and study, participate in courses and courses, and continue studies tend to succeed in their work better than those who quit or slow down the learning process after starting work. Businesses know and rely on this to be ahead of other companies.

One early career development strategy focused on youth level, preteen through adolescence and adulthood.

The youth phase is the stage where the world is open to the child. "What I want to be when I grow up" is thought but it's not important. For example, one teenager may seem to be a dancer, but at the same time she wants to be a doctor, scientist, veterinarian and artist. She is still too young to know if she wants to follow these professions later in life.

In the preteen to the youth phase of this career development theory, an individual begins to be inclined to what she wants to do. What area she possesses and finds useful. The female child in the early example has only passed the interest in dance and art. Its activities and knowledge begin to lean towards science and health, but rather prefer to introduce domestic and exhausted domestic animals.

This is when she sees research and categories that she must continue in these areas. With a career development engineer, we see that she begins to think more about what she wants to be when she grows up.

The final step in this developmental thinking is the personality, the likes and dislikes of the individual who lead her in the career she always chooses. In this example, the woman determines that she would rather work more with animals than people and choose to become a vet. She now has to pass college, take strong courses and train with professionals to accomplish her work.

Teachers and professionals can apply career development knowledge as counselors to address the growth and development of a child. They can advise and monitor how the child behaves and what they were when they grow older.


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