Common values ​​- Innovation

Innovation as a common value; I would not use it … "Innovation is a driving force in our company. It allows us to create new products and technology as well as processes." The above statement is more desirable that the company would like to achieve than a statement of value what it would like to be.

The first reason why innovation does not fit well in commercial data is that there is too much business relationship. What would you say, your job placement, focus on recruiting new employees? And is it important for employees to be innovative, even if the company's focus is innovative? Another question is whether innovation fits as a commercial focus. Some companies more than others need constant innovation, but that does not mean that all employees must be screened to fit the entrepreneur.

A good value that can replace innovation is a creativity. Change is different, but as a value it is not very suitable. You can ask people to work with integrity, responsibility, focus on performance, but you can not ask them to accept any changes without knowing what and why. The problem with innovation is similar; it must serve purpose.

Credibility is also at stake: when business value of "innovation" does not reflect the tendency of human resources in the company.

Common values ​​are often announced and selected by change. Management of the company has analyzed the business and found lack of focus in the company that requires value to solve cultural problems. The right resource for these types of situations is to get business focused first and foremost the reorganiz structure of the organization. Shared values ​​can help with this adaptation process, but they can not solve the problem. Like a group of horses that lead transport without a driver; They would not know where to go to …


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