Confirmations – A Beginners Guide

The law of attraction says that we emphasize we can achieve. Verifications are one of the ways that can help us to focus on what we want rather than what we do not want.

Confirmations – what are they

So what are the confirmation. Verifications are phrases or statements we repeat over and over. This can be either a positive negative. A positive confirmation could be "I succeed in what I choose to do". Negative authentication might be "I can never see it right".

Confirmations – How They Work

When we repeat verification we are doing at least two items. First, repetition of some kind will build a way in our mind that goes from our subconscious to our unconscious. Basically, it's how we build our principles. Secondly, it emphasizes our subconscious about what we are saying that will give us a kind of filter as we must open relevant information related to these words.

So, if we say to ourselves, "I succeed in all I do," we will begin to see ways we succeed every day. It may just be learning something new, it may complete a report. Essentially, what we are doing is giving us an example of what we have been repeating and focusing on. This goes the same way with negative confirmations as well. If you're constantly saying "I never have enough money" guess what, you'll never have enough money. It does not matter if you get a wage increase or a job loss, it will never be enough.

Verifications – A few tips and tricks

You'll find yourself better when you confirm your confirmation. It may be difficult at first to believe something no matter how much you repeat it.

Try to use confirmations that are in modern times.

Use all your senses. Write the confirmation down to the diary in the morning when you wake up and back before going to bed. Print them out and put them in legitimate parts of the house or at the desk at work. If you're alone, walk around and use your hands to respond when you repeat your confirmation. It may seem silly at first, but take a few weeks to see how your situation changes.

Sometimes you can repeat the phrase again and again, but something deep inside does not believe. Try this exercise. Close your eyes and repeat yourself 3 times "I'm rich." For those who seemed to hear the words "not you not", repeat each time you said it will take a long time before you are even close to building this statement in faith.

Here's a celebrity that you can use instead. "I've started to look rich in all areas of my life" or "Rich is beginning to show in all areas of my life" or my favorite "Rich in my life is an option, all I have to do is choose it" .


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