Confirmations – A foundation for creating your own

Unlike old dogs who can not learn new tricks, our brains are steady to learn. Even old practices are candidates for reprogramming. Recent research on neuropathology suggests that brain cells are constantly rehabited, even in old age, and that our nervous system can be restarted and restored (linkages between brain cells that form embedded thinking and responses).

One way to restore brain is to use confirmation. Confirmations, as the name implies, is a method of confirming the result we wish. Verifications declare that the object of our desire is already published. Because our brain can not be between what we imagine and what really happens, confirmation can work to create a new nervous system in the brain and enable us to achieve our dreams by attracting the outcome we desire.

Scientists also find that our thoughts are not private. Our thoughts and intentions create energy that can be transformed into issues. Indeed, our physical world is simply the manifestation of some thought-the computer I wrote, a plane, my house, my family, everything started as a thought in someone's mind.

The wonderful aspect of confirmation is that we consciously choose the thoughts we want to come forth and the energy of these thoughts attracts us wonderful things.

There are some simple rules that remember to create and use verification:

1. Submit your confirmation in the present.
RIGHT: "My body feels good"
Genuine: "My body will be free from pain."
If you present in the future, you create energy that attracts something for the future, because achieving your desire is always pushed into the future.

2. Express your confirmation positive.
RIGHT: "My body looks good"
Inappropriate: "I do not have pain."
By concentrating on positive, you desire your desire. Focusing on negative interviews negatively. The energy created by a positive statement differs from a statement that denies what is undesirable.

3. Confirmation: "My body feels good"
Inappropriate: "I find a doctor who helps to reduce my pain."
The universe is working on creating a roadmap that will guide you to your destination. Our job is to confirm the outcome, acknowledge the opportunities that the universe introduces and respond to.

4. Correct your acceptance by finding the feelings that come to your desire.
When you repeat your confirmation, imagine how you will feel when your dreams come true. If you add in this powerful energy, be sure to enhance your confirmation.

Here are some confirmations you might try:

  • "Love God surrounds me."
  • "I love and appreciate myself, and others do too."
  • "Every day in every way I get better and better."
  • "My connection to {fill in empty} is synchronized and calm."
  • "My home is a refugee of peace and beauty."
  • "My garage is neat, clean and organized."
  • "I'm a master teacher."
  • "Money flows to me with ease."
  • "My guides guide me and the results flow from that direction."

Please do not just believe what I'm saying – try yourself and see what happens. I confirm that my truth is not your truth, but my truth is what has been trying to work for me with experience and experience. What do you tell about your experience?


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