Confirmations based on "Rich Dad, Poor Papa"

I'm sure most of you have heard about and sometimes read the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. If you have not read it yet, I highly recommend the book "Cashflow Quadrant". Both books are simple and innovative with design. But there are some important concepts that Kiyosaki emphasizes that are fundamental to collecting funds. Here are some Power Affirmations I've Made Based on Learning His Content.

One reason why I choose to create powerhouses instead of just explanations is that they emphasize the positive application of knowledge and not just the knowledge itself. By considering my thoughts to take a positive impact on what I learned, follow positive results later.

Here are some of the confirmations:

My financial intelligence is now increasing daily. Financial supervision is more important than money.

1) I now create a regular, positive cash flow. I make money.

2) By controlling money that generates assets that money excludes my living expenses, I'm on Fast Track for unlimited abundance.

3) I do not work for money, I work my money for me.

4) I regularly engage in accounting and investment.

5) Today I choose to be wealthy. I use my ideas and money to create ever greater wealth and abundance.

6) I learn and learn about money from people who are already rich.

7) When I get an investment that's worth doing, I ask myself "HOW can I get it?" I am an imaginative thinker.

8) My thoughts create new money that creates opportunities every day.

9) I learn so I can find a good company to buy.

10) I increase my funds by following risk management plans.

11) I pay first. I always pay my bills, but I pay first.

12) I am financially self-sufficient. With creative intelligence and planning, I now create new funds far beyond my personal needs.

13) I write a strong and good business plan that creates a successful company that creates jobs for others. I live for myself and for others.


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