Confirmations – get them working for you

The "secret" told you about confirmations and also showed you how to use them, now we can explore how to use them effectively.

Before we start, I'll start by informing you about what authentication is, some are not sure I want to clean it up.

Confirmation is a statement that you accept yourself, it may be either negative or positive, but we will only cover positive as it is where it is best used.

An example would be: "I feel great today and my week is going to be amazing", that's confirmation.

Let's get right in the meat of the material, how to make confirmation efficiently.

Get out of paper and pen or pencil and start writing something good about you, or something you want to do.

Again, I will use the money, you could write: "I am so pleased that I have plenty of wealth, health and well-being." This is confirmation for yourself exactly what you want and should have. In this sense, you convince your subconscious that everything you wrote is true. The reservation is that you must say this with emotions and feelings, without the confirmation being no more than powerlessness.

We confirm things a lot with great emotions very often, for example, do not do your best in something that you can confirm, "OH I'm losing" or something and this creates a sense of a series of Events to prove, yes actually you are losing. If you use a positive statement with faith and emotion, circumstances will be created for you to make it happen.

How many times a day should we make a confirmation is a question I'm usually asked, I recommend at least 5 times a minimum but if your ambitious I suggest you send your confirmation wherever you see them in this way stable condition to know your confirmation.

The best times, as I said in the article "Goal – 7 Steps to Successful Liberty", you should look at your goals and confirmation in the first 20 minutes of the morning, this is because your subconscious mind is part of the mind Your one who drives your life automatically with ease like controlling your heart rate is the most sensitive to affecting this time. Because we influence this time, if you confirm that you have a good day, as long as you do not allow you anything negative to take that feeling away, because we can choose what feelings your day will be great .


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