Confirmations – how to make them focused and powerful

It's a subtle coloration to learn how to make a confirmation focus. This detail will supercharge your life. What you think you want is not what you want. Getting ready is easy. "I want a new job, house, car, body, etc." … Have you ever stopped asking yourself why you want them? What would a new job, house, car or body come with you? If you look into your wishes, you'll find that what you really want to do is change your feelings.

For example, if you're bored at work, could you want a new job, but why? I would guess you want a new job so you change your feeling from boredom to excitement. Here, you really want, there is a shift in feelings about your workplace.

What you think you want is not what you want.

Behind all wishes is an emotion we desire to find. Since the purpose of affirmation is a sensation, it is important that we know the feeling we really are. For all the intentions you want to bring, go deeper behind the situation on the surface to determine exactly how you want to feel. We are emotional beings; Our external circumstances only reflect what we find inside. The feeling can go both ways: you can find something as a consequence of reality or you can shape your reality because of emotion.

To return to our working time, the intention of getting a new job is exceptionally powerful if you target your confirmation of the feeling of excuse, what you really want. Which one is more powerful? I am currently in a new job, or I am excited every morning to go to work. The second confirmation contains the true result you want. Your first confirmation could create a new job that is still boring.

Financial Freedom = Love

Two years ago, I wanted to pay all my credit cards. What did I focus on? Love. Yes dear I realized that the heartbreak after paying my credit card was experiencing deeper stress-free love with my husband, Phillip. Credit card fraud had been creating stressful emotions and it seemed that I could not take a moment to think about them.

When I decided to change the situation, I asked myself what the zero weight of my cards meant. I realized that it meant not only less stress and more money, it actually meant love. I emphasized and confirmed love while I was going to have zero credit card transactions. And it worked. Less than 6 months later, all of my credit cards were paid. When you have plans, ask yourself what you really want to feel. Always emphasize your feeling.


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