Confirmations – much more than just positive thinking

When someone mentions confirmation, it's the first thing that comes into your mind, positive thinking. Classic positive thinking confirmation was created by Dr. Emil Coue. "Everyday, I'm getting better and better." The idea behind this type of confirmation is to create new positive practices and thoughts. This works well, but it's only half the story. It's as important as positive confirmation.

The problem the subconscious mind accepts faith without questions, for example, the old faith you want to change, rich people are greedy. You've heard this through your lifetime and it's put to the ground in your subconscious mind. When you realize that you If you have this wrong belief, you would usually create a confirmation that will give you new faith. For example, you might start using a confirmation like: I'm grateful that my wealth grows rich and rich every day. I can do good. [19659002] This is a great new faith for your subconscious, but it also creates a problem. Although the subconscious has accepted this new faith, it has that also created a conflict in your mind. You have created a new positive belief, it has not ruled out the old negative belief that rich people are greedy. Both views are next to your mind and the old faith still has self-confidence.

What I use to overcome an old negative thinking pattern is what I call reprogramming confirmation. The point is to convince the subconscious that the old self-confident faith needs to be removed from the database. Reforming confirmations tend to be somewhat more complicated than positive confirmation.

For example, reprogramming confirmation could read something like: Many people say that riches are greedy but this is false religion. Rich people have a high mindset and make up a large part of their income because they know there is an infinite supply of wealth. For example, Bill Gates, out of the kindness of the heart, has created numerous philosophical organizations and given millions of dollars of his personal worth to help the world's poor global fluctuations. He is super rich but obviously not greedy.

Subconscious is not able to judge. It automatically runs in the background and helps us make it through the day. It is our conscious responsibility to control and correct all data stored within its data bank. Properly programmed, the subconscious mind will quickly push us into infinite wealth and self-esteem. But only when there is no conflict within the data of this most powerful digital computer.


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