Confirmations – Series – Part 1

A great method of working with the subconscious mind is to use confirmation because repeating a particular phrase over and over again, you can actually change your opinions about yourself; and, as we all know, our success depends on our expectations and opinions. A simple picture of the process was provided by the great Muhammad Ali who used a certain confirmation again and again until he became famous throughout the world for saying that.

"I'm the Great", you must remember, he announced repeatedly.

First, you may be surprised to learn, he did not believe in himself. But with the repetition process, he gradually came to believe, and when he could change his religion, he began to produce the results he wanted until ever, everyone in the world realized he was truly "greatest." [19659002] Do not misunderstand. It takes more than repeating a particular phrase to change you to something you do not have. All repetition in the world would not change him or someone else if he had not been ready to do the necessary muscle training, fitness and bodybuilding. It's also true that you need to have a body that is right in order to become a heavy champion of the world.

When you come to thinking about it, there are many things that can not be changed by means of confirmation – that you really need to get a lot of attention in sports or, in other words, something else m projects. But without faith you can have all this and still not become a champion. Such is the power of religion or belief. Faith has the power to move mountains.

So, faith or belief, is not the kind of deputy for the basics: getting the right education; the right experience; correct contacts and so on. But faith is what sets apart masters, because without thinking, human mind is unable to claim outstanding effort required to compete at the highest level. Verifications are the primary method of working on our faith for those who are ready to become champions.

With proper preparation along with proper opinions about what's possible for yourself, who knows what you can achieve?


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