Confirmations that will change your life

One of the quickest and most effective ways I know to change your life is to take the following steps. ENVISION the perfect day and believe it! & # 39;. For example, really figure out how things would be if everything went to you, imagine a wonderful little surprise that appears all day long. Fantasize about the laugh and joy you feel until it becomes a manifestation. Michelle Obama left us with new hopes for future change. You, too, can really figure how things would be if everything went on the way, if a wonderful little surprise continued to appear. All you have to do is fantasize about the laughter and the joy you want … until one day it becomes reality.

What happens when it happens, where would you go? Who would you go with? What would you feel like having the life you want and know something if you were possible? Focus on your vision; notice how it allows you to feel. Take that feeling and write an inspiring phrase that makes it sound like what you want is already yours. Instead of "I hope tomorrow will be better", say to yourself: my future is bright. every day is a fun and happy adventure. Go through the day with your heart and breath open and watch all your dreams. When things are tough or you feel the trouble, remember to STRAIN MANTRA whenever you start a bad mouth repeating your brain to focus on positive, not negative.

Accept one of these words I am strong and can see what life throws the way.

Choose to love and thank me.

I'm grateful for the good of my life.

I can make a healthy choice.

Happiness lies ahead of me.

I forgive my flaws and celebrate my strengths, gifts and blessings!

May I be safe

May I be brave

May I be happy


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