Confirmations – the power of your subconscious mind – pick up your hugs and dreams today!

Although specific acknowledgments are for special circumstances, all our thoughts, words and actions are a real form of confirmation. All we think, say, and make our circumstances deep in our subconscious mind. In the process of living, we reveal all of our personal circumstances from the minds of our minds that play in our thoughts, words and works, or karma.

A strong example of acceptance and expression in mind is when we look at a place or situation with predetermined negative ideas and opinions. Imagine we are going to visit another country and with the help of a negative friend, we can think that this other country is gray and the smog is full, the people are uncomfortable and we are likely to have our handbag impressed at any time. With this poisoned in our consciousness, the journey we take to abroad will be a further crime. All the negative of the country will stand out and cover us to verify the fears we have experienced. However, if we paint pictures of hope, joy, green spaces and fun people, we will be pleased with the positive pleasure over and over through our visit abroad.

This example does not say that we do not have our own opinion or that the opinions of others control all of our consciousness. However, emphasis is placed on our need as a person to look forward to a positive way, to the light, love – Anahata (Heart Center) experience in everything. We create everything that happens in our lives. Two different people could go to the same place by having a very positive time, while the other one experiences nothing but heartbeat, despair and negativity. The question is what we want in our lives? Where are we focused – pessimistic or optimistic – negative or positive – they both attract to what we emphasize! It is very important to keep in mind that through many years of teaching I have found that the number of people is in a difficult time when they start this process. What tends to happen is that all major circumstances and negative behaviors in one life begin to surface and focus on oneself, which can create little self-esteem if one is not aware of the process. I see this period as a blessing, as it shows how much content requires reprogramming or & # 39; determine & nbsp; ; The more that comes to mind or the action is in my humble vision, the better! Should you be asleep in such a way – comforting and productive procedure is to write down any difficulties or attributes when it comes to it and put them in order of priority over time to work on one or two at a time.

Twelve years ago, one of my teachers, "Lea" and I discussed that affirmations can sometimes be quite tricky, as often the mind will rise (self) with spiritual responses that try to negate the confirmation . Lea cheerful examples with confirmation such as: "The universe provides everything I want and needs" where we could find answers to the mind, such as "No, this has not happened in the past, and will do not happen now "; "I Do not Understand" ; "Maybe for Others, But Not for Me" . As a consequence, using confirmation without acknowledging the dark and malignant elements of one nature can further confirm failure. It may be useful to write each negative answer when it's over until a change is found. Dark and malignant factors must be allowed and recognized in some way to avoid exertion. Obviously, this can be something that could take some time to solve in the depths of consciousness; However, as with everything in life, perseverance and positivity will always work the day. If you take the aforementioned confirmation methods seriously, I am confident that you will be pleased with how much personal changes are in your life in just a few months. Do not start when your family, friends and colleagues start commenting on "New You" .

To finish, I'd like to take you shortly through a dream life. Most people dream – some people do not usually dream – and some can not remember their dreams. When spiritual practices, such as meditation and acceptance, become a part of our lives, we are more likely to begin to have more dreams. As our subconscious opens, tearing old and unnecessary, it fills up with our positive, new consciousness. Many dream in black and white. This often changes in the way spiritual awareness develops. We are not responsible for God for our dreams; Therefore, if we have a dream where we make awful things, we do not have to strike it through. Should we have a nightmare or dislike our actions in a dream, powerful technology is right after waking up, transforming or finishing the dream in our minds in a positive way, with a great story about our model. This means that contains new information about in the subconscious concept and returns a positive inscription; As a result, our emotions bring us to positive; both in connection with the dream and the current awake moment.


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