Confirmations – The Top One

"The Art is the Confirmation, the Blessing, and the Presence of Being." – Friedrich Nietzsche

When the journey of life and prosperity is happening, many people say of confirmation like "I'm rich without hitch" or "I'm strong, I'm safe and it's all right. "These confirmations are used to create and develop a positive attitude to life and what you can do in that experience. Even those who do not believe in confirmation will say they "can not hurt" so you could also tell them.

Confirmation can indeed hurt and continue to reinvest the very block it is used to overcome. For example, if the next thought you have after you write the aforementioned confirmation examples are "But it's glitch" or "Who am I kidding?" then all you have to do in your ongoing statement of acceptance is to reinvest feelings of being not rich and not being strong, safe and good. All you really do is strengthen your negative. And you continue to be stuck because you have no positive positive moves on your trip.

Before you throw your hands desperately, it's confirmation that strengths can make a positive state of self-esteem and reality. It's very simple. Easy to remember. The whole confirmation is one word. And this word is ..


The recognition means telling YES to yourself, your creative expression and the life you lead. To accept your own individual personality, your own abilities. Once you confirm that you express solemnly and formally That's true, you describe your personality, you embrace your life, own it and let it flow through you, you no longer pass it. The greatest strength you can at any time is your ability to confirm yourself. in your present and whoever you are. Within this confirmation you include qualities that you do not want. Faith is the confirmation of charitable recognition of your own honesty and value.

This does not mean that you like every piece of every experience you have. Even with this experience you can confirm your own vitality. You can keep your personal limits and avoid saying yes to events, issues or people who are having trouble with you. To say yes in this context is not about accepting what is thrown on you. You confirm your specifics, say yes to who you are, even when you say no. To say yes to you is to be the cause. Describe your right to make decisions. Incidentally, create your experience and have this experience without judgment. Without resistance. If an unwanted event is experienced, you confirm yourself in the experience and in an inspection of the unwanted event, revealing how you were the cause of that experience. And make a correction next time around. Once you confirm your life, you have the full understanding of your own experience and emphasizing your ability to do that.

This little confirmation of yes gives you the power to create everything you want to experience or produce in your life.

Say yes. Yes to what you have experienced. Yes right to want what you want. Yes, who you are. Yes for a complete idea of ​​your creative soul.

"The greatest value of art is soul, maybe it's the only thing that gives it the right to be." – Willa Sirbert Cather


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