Creation, innovation and entrepreneurship

Part of romantic entrepreneurship is the idea that entrepreneurs are creative, innovations, go-getters, risky, fired. All this involves a great self-esteem and determination. In fact, with a clear sense of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, business and business managers, as well as individuals, can manage each area to achieve the best results.

People like creativity simply because it's fun. We reunite with the pleasure to get something that did not exist. When we forget we forget our problems, we're just being, the child is coming out, we connect ourselves and it just feels good. Our energy cleans from inside to outside and understands the inscription, the part of our creation becomes a major part of ourselves. K creativity also generates time and purpose of vacuum. The worst enemy of creativity is a good idea.

People like innovation because it's progressing. When we innovate, we have a structure. Innovation will be a change. To change we need a reference, constraint, structure, present, what's there. When we do things differently, we also live, but we create a purpose, fun stuff until we reach our goals. Thus, innovation has less power as self-esteem than creativity.

Then we come to the field of entrepreneurship, one of my favorite subjects. Entrepreneurship is more about creating wealth than it's about creating a business. It is closely linked to creativity, entrepreneurs must have something new to offer. It relates to innovation, entrepreneurs MUST find new ways to get to the market, do something new, do things differently.

When we look at most new businesses, they are me too and most so-called entrepreneurs are people who have bought a job. They do not create, innovate or add money. They change what is different to another person.

Entrepreneurship is then exploring how to add value to others in a new or different way. Entrepreneurs take value in the form of wealth and wealthy ones: customers, users, employees, suppliers, communities, governments, etc. Understanding being creative and being innovative is not enough and being aware that there is a maximum of values ​​that are expected to be discovered or created, which is what entrepreneurs do best when they plan, take action and eventually develop.

It's not a matter of luck where most people relate to entrepreneurship with creativity and innovation. If you do not have anything, you create. If you have unwanted gift, you will innovate. If you want to create wealth, you give this creativity or innovation, the best opportunity. You do not need money to create wealth, you need creativity and innovation.

Thinking and taking action by consciously discovering where creativity or innovations have the highest perceptions of value that entrepreneurs build their wealth … and by generating prosperity. It is not about becoming rich but building wealth.

Without the idea of ​​creating wealth, creativity and innovation can not find a place in the market. To be able to identify where the highest value is, who is an ideal customer or customer, is to bring success in our society and to respond to that thought, what entrepreneurs are fond of.

There are many tools and methods that capture how entrepreneurs create wealth. There is no art, or science. It's a conscious effort to make the most of your product or service, to find those who value it best and achieve the value within the entrepreneur.

Creating wealth escapes obviously and creates new active suggestions. Sometimes we use innovation to improve what's there, but most likely, the best results are a free, playful and fun exercise to create wealth. Whatever you do to create wealth will improve your skills and build this wealthy muscle. Even if you put a tribute to your wealth when you suffer!

Here is wealth and joy,


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