Daily positive confirmation – Quick helpful instructions

I love to use positive daily confirmation as my career this morning. Since I started using them for 5 years, my experience has changed completely from a painful attitude to a positive comfortable flowering life.

What are your confirmation?

Confirmation is a positive proposition sentence written with the aim of being accepted by the subconscious as reality. Once you have convinced the subconscious that something is true, it must become so in your real life. The reason that is true has a lot to do with the Act of Attraction, a concept that has gained much popularity in recent years.

Attraction Law:

Attractive Law says that the essence of your thoughts determines what you are living in your life. A simpler way to understand it is to imagine yourself as magnetic to your life, experience what you emphasize.

If you spend your time worrying or fussing about just how bad it is, you'll just get more of the negative stuff over and over again.

Positive Daily Confirmation is a device that can be used every day to help you connect better with your positive aspects rather than your trouble.

There are many ways that you can use positive daily confirmation from subliminal media to personal workbooks and visualization techniques. I prefer later because I enjoy shaping my own reality with consciousness.

How to Create and Use Positive Daily Confirmation:

– Take a sheet and take a line through the ticket. On the one hand, write the title "Things that Disturb Me" and on the other side "What I Want".

– Sit and look good in your life and ask yourself "What's wrong with me now" and write down what's up. Take time with this process, it is very important.

– Once you have finished writing the areas that interfere with you, take each sentence and ask yourself "from reading my negative statement, what I really want" and write it in the second column. Every time you write your positive sentence, review the negative physically and mentally.

– The last step is to change your confirmation in modern times. If you wrote something like "I want a new car," change the sentence to "I have a new car". This is important because tomorrow will always be tomorrow, you are in the "now" business.

Follow these steps and you should have a good list of daily positive confirmations that you can use.

How to use positive daily confirmation:

As I wrote above, there are many ways to apply for confirmation. I would suggest experimenting with different systems until you find the right one for you.

The following technology is only one of the many I use

1. Choose 3 confirmations from your previous written list.

2. Clean half an hour every day to practice

3. Take your first positive daily confirmation and read it yourself. Now, try to imagine living when it's written. If there's a new car you want, imagine running your new car and enjoying the moment. Really give it all you have and try to connect emotionally.

4. After about ten minutes, go to the next two confirmations.

5. Repeat the process every day for at least 30 days.

If you continue and practice every day, you start to observe many amazing positive changes in your life. Positive daily confirmation can really help you create the dream life you've always wanted.


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