The best definition of the responsibility I've heard is how often you discuss issues. It
begins with you. Are you allowing things to happen by not holding someone else and you,
responsible? Training, training and strengthening are all actions to ensure responsibility.

The great basketball coach John Wooden once said: "Talk to others so do not have
." Today managers and employees (and even parents) can really take this message in the heart. The more we think we ourselves, the easier it is to win everyone
. As the old expression goes, make sure your behavior is in line with your views.

Often, soft sales, low profits or goodwill are accused of all sorts of external
forces. Sometimes it's time to look in the mirror. Jack Welch was proud GE had never
federal form in the 20+ years at the helmet. Why? They knew that if they heard talking about the
union image, it was because the inadequate manager ran the place and they take care
about the matter.

A recent trip through a big chain through my four family went something like this: Order All – $ 18.65. Drinks – 4, Reds – 3. Overall items expected in a bag – 12.
The total number of arrivals (when checked when we get home) – 10. Number of children's meals ordered
without salad – 2 Number of children's meals got without salad – 1. Number of hot
packagings in the bag – THREE! Number used – 10. Napkins received – 18. Napkins
used – 8. Scary thing? The manager delivered the order to the employee who gave us it.

I can form a manager later this week to make a store and wonder why the cost is out
off line but it went through the hands. He may also wonder why the sale is down and
we are not visiting as often, but it also went through his hands. He may blame it on
the new rival that opened across the street, but it's simple … to look into the mirror.

Show high standards, meet high standards, expect high standards and get high facts — it all starts with you.


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