Definition of goal is a clear destination

Knowledge of a Destination Is Powerful Success

In my daily life, I often asked for "manschlinum"
to ask for secrets to success and getting what you want in
life. The fact that most people think it's a secret is probably
a big part of the problem.

You see, it's no secret. The truth has been to work you in the
face all the time; You do not need to travel around the world until
find it, nor do you have to read hundreds of self-help books to
find the answers. All you have to do is decide where you want
to go!

Let me give you a very simple example. Imagine
planning to go on vacation; what would you do first: choose
destination or buy free food?

Clearly, most people would choose his place of residence
before going to a shopping mall. However, most people try
to create the wealth and success of applying this simple
thinking process.

When trying to reach any goal, most people get stuck in
"how" before they even decided "what" and therefore
became frustrated and confused.

They are struggling because they do not understand the principle of setting goals: choosing a destination
before trying to get there.

You know many of these people. They want to become rich, but have not
decided on a picture; They want to lose weight, but do not know
what their goal weight should be; They hate their current job,
but have no idea what career they would like; They are
tired and lonely but can not tell which
they want in a mate.

People in this situation will spend many years struggling with
finding what they want in their lives because they simply do not have
"chosen destination" by deciding their goals.

The mind is a phenomenon of powerful – yet very simple – organisms;
will only go where you direct it.

By asking "how" the question before you even know what you want,
you are turning the wheels and do not go anywhere.

Why do we do this? Why do we refuse to focus on what we want

That's because we're scared!

Many of us have become so conditioned to believe that we can never get what we want, we'll be able to come out
and ask for it.

We get this feeling in the pit of our stomach, which says "it
will never happen!" And many of us do not only avoid these feelings, but constantly cover them with an emphasis on how we can get what we want – although we do not have the idea of ​​what we want

One of the greatest secrets to setting goals – as many
men are completely ignorant – is the fact that all you need to do in life is set your goal and keep focusing on it enough long
] to allow your mind to come up with a way to accomplish it.

The mind is your very own genius, but it will absolutely
nothing unless you first ask about what you want by setting goals.

This is the secret that individuals who have so many
have discovered themselves; It's no luck or
a question of "being in the right place at the right time" but about
simply allowing uncontrolled power of mind to create
a way to your goal.

You already have everything you need in you; All you need
is asking for what you want and leaving the powerful resources
within you.


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