Dr. Wayne Dyer – 22 hours I learned

Dr. Wayne Dyer is a popular inspiring speaker and author. His recent books contain the Power of Inauguration, Ten Secrets to Success and Internal Peace, Coming in a Gap and Everyday Wisdom. I have read Dyer's principles for the past 22 years and here are the 22 lessons I've learned from him:

  1. You get what you like most about. Whatever you feel is expanding … and so we must take care not to think what we do not want.
  2. You can never get enough of what you do not want. Why? Because we think about what we do not want and we continue to get more. From an abundance and prosperity perspective, it can be expensive (meaning you can lose a lot of opportunities) to understand the conditions you do not want to produce for your life … for fear of getting more of what you do not want.
  3. Think from the end. I'm a big believer at the beginning of the final exam and work back to accomplish it. Dyer receives a spiritual approach as he encourages you to ponder you around people, events and things that represent your version of "perfect life."
  4. Gratitude will take you a long way. Rumi said, "Defend your knowledge to defend." It's good to be in fear of everything you've been experiencing in your life and the more you are grateful for it – the more that will flow freely into your life.
  5. Paraphrasing Dyer: There are no branches of trees that think it makes sense to fight with each other. In other words, there is no value in fighting with others as we are all from the same video of the human tree of life. It's old zen who says something like this: whatever you are for strengthens you and whatever you are against weakens you.
  6. It's natural to have abundance and prosperity in your life. It is unnatural to resist the gifts you have received in life to share with others. Make sure to "know" that you already have all the resources you need to succeed.
  7. You must be independent of others' opinions. No one can make you what you are not. You are responsible for none of your actions and thoughts except you. In addition, you do not control your word. All you can control is yourself and how you work every day.
  8. You choose your emotional state every day. Nobody can make you emotionally different than you choose to feel every day. Take full responsibility for the emotional states you choose to embrace each day.
  9. You are not your body nor are possessions that you believe you have. You are timeless perfect; … like you've ever been and will forever be. You are a spiritual being with human experience. Live your truth.
  10. Meditation can help you solve problems and achieve inner peace. Although mental impairment your intentions or goals are good, think about meditation and calm your mind to replace "no where" – that is one of the best ways to target yourself.
  11. Your EGO is often against general laws and regulations. Best to identify when you are working from yourself against working from your real, true self. Your own wants you to be separate and different than others but the reality is that we share in common but we have the difference. Emphasize radical humility and respect for yourself and others to keep your self in check. You can only extend to what else you are in truth.
  12. You can only give others what you have inside you. For giving one another another love, you must cultivate love for you first. Dyer uses the metaphor to squeeze orange – ask what happens when you squeeze it. Most respond, "orange juice" comes out. Why? Because it's what's inside. When people are squeezed, what comes out of them is what they harbor inside themselves. Harness love, recognition, joy, self-esteem, peace and harmony with yourself so that you can fight it to others.
  13. Your relationship with others does not really exist. You only have your perception of communicating with others to respond. Therefore, you must focus on making sure you perceive your relationship with others on the basis that you hope for the future of the Union to exist. In other words, you must see harmony within yourself and then with another person. You must always have within you what you want to see or give others.
  14. Our intentions create our reality. We each create our own personality with what we focus on and are going to happen for our experience. Therefore, we have a great responsibility to carefully choose our intentions.
  15. Be affiliated with nothing else but connected to what you want for your life. Attachments can cloud your ability to attract what you want. When you release and give up the perfect self, you will attract what you want.
  16. There is never a shortage of opportunities, but there is only a lack of tackling the opportunities that push our door every day. The scarcity does not exist unless we choose to embrace it … the better is to never hug lacking only a hug of possibilities for abundance.
  17. When the teacher is ready, the students arrive. When the student is ready, teachers will appear. We can not learn the lessons we are here to learn if we are not open and receptive to learning. Do not resist the ability to change, but increase and become more open.
  18. No one was injured by practicing arbitrary types. The legislature always deserves goodness and even more – so when you're good without expecting you to go back. There is no difference between the words "giving" and "receiving."
  19. The best way to maximize book sales is to publish related products that can be purchased. For example, the book could be followed by audio recording, audio CD, DVD, tab calendars, playing cards, and more. Each of them creates more revenue streams that help maximize profitability of each published work. (My marketing mind wanted to put this lesson in here 😉
  20. Judgment: One of our purposes in life is to find ways to save us from our need to judge others in a negative light. This is the work in my self and judging others prevent us from seeing them well. There is no value in judging others badly. As we see others, we see ourselves too.
  21. Dyer says: "It's never crowded in addition to the Extra Mile." That means we must always give more than we expect. We do this by participating in small percentage of workers who constantly go back and forth to duty to serve others. The prizes are often inadequate for those who go to the additional limit vs. those who only make the minimum they need to avoid. We give without expectations.
  22. Trust yourself and do it, trust in the very wisdom that created you. It's impossible to become an unlimited person if you focus on restrictions … concentrate only on what you want to attract your life. You are already complete, all and perfect. Rely on the perfection of your life.


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