Executive Training and Team Building – How to Handle Disruptive Managing Director

Emotional Intelligence and Team Building

The workplace is full of good people who want to work together with others. But as we know, life is not simple and some people are hard. Of course, this could describe me or you! Beauty is in the eye of the viewer.

I am currently a manager of the executive. One of the managers is very disturbing. The team manager realizes that the team is disturbed but avoids conflict and makes bad behavior .

What would you do with a disruptive member?

Difficult or disruptive management members need to be faced. It may be possible to resolve all conflicts with a trained supervisor or managing director. However, it must be clear from the team leader and other members of the team that disruptive behavior is unacceptable.

Some members are angry; some are worried. Others are afraid, negative and constraints. Some people often dispute disagreement with their peers. Still another stonewall and did not observe obligations.

Regardless of the form of difficult behavior, she must experience a serious duty of productivity and ethicality. When executives / leaders are distracted and frustrated by difficult behavior, they have less time and energy to defend their core responsibilities: doing things through others.

Everyone talks about hard people and personality, but the meaning of such individuals draws attention to what they did to who they are. It's always best to deal with behavior, rather than personality, and to be as accurate as possible. Although problem behavior can be caused by a really annoying personality or, in some cases, even personality disorder or other mental problems, these issues are less favorable than expected to change.

The team leader should meet a disruptive member and limit his discussion to particular behaviors: what was done and / or said. Behavior and communication patterns are usually clearly identified. The situation will be tricky when great emotions are called. Finally, disturbing individuals may need to remove managers and, if necessary, from the company.

How would you deal with this kind of situation?

Working with a skilled executive trainer trained in emotional intelligence and the implementation of leadership load such as the Bar-On EQ-i and Index 260 can help you become a more inspiring and happy officer who is in charge of conflict. You can become a leader as a mother emotional intelligence and social intelligence and encourage people to happily participate in the company's strategy and vision.


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