Expand the definition of success

We are taught to evaluate success in worldly terms: high income, lots of assets, status and good looks. In our hearts, we know that this will not lead to sustainable happiness or promote a good world. At the same time, the drive is to catch them and keep them burning in our culture.

Suspicious Measures

While we are attracted to training for our own virtues – helping others, personal freedom and self-esteem self-employed – is it not curious that we fall back to assessing our success as a coach on a similar scale? Number of customers we have, annual income, conversion rate.

Even daily experience is straightforward and released in special clothes of success and failure. If a new customer signs up, it's a success. If the customer understands or does not sign up, it has failed. Our feelings about us and our business fluctuate in the polarity of daily acceptance and rejection. Do not we want to encourage our own customers to see the rich journey and start from departure?

Make Translation

In our last breath none of these things have meaning. What is most important is the contribution we make: how we personally develop and affect human development. Why do not you start evaluating performance in deeper terms?

Being a sustainable trainer is a lifetime achievement. The victory of success is sweet at so many levels beyond traditional metrics. This is a matter of real pleasure:

– To answer heartily and firmly with the job.

– Moves courage beyond comfort areas.

– Tapping Into Intuition.

– Bring all your self to your work.

– Stay at the course even when it is difficult.

– Assessing yourself and others.

– Mastering the art of communication and connection.

– Supporting others with their own solutions.

– Knowledge Development.

– Leave it right and learn something new every day.

– Building Deprivation of Personal Honesty.

– Supporting people to realize the highest self.

– Promoting a positive world consciousness.

Let us look at the surface for real opportunities and measure the success we get to be a coach.


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