Faster and Powerful Confirmation

"There's nothing you can not do or do or have."

– from the teachings of Abrahams-Hicks *

This valid statement may appear through infinite ways. It can put food on your table, love in your home, wisdom in your words, car in your garage and can bring you something else your heart desires. It's all about recovering. Your desire and your faith must be matched. When they do, you will be almost unstoppable.

One powerful display tool is the use of verification. Since we understand this delivery process as a product of our ranking, it is valuable to look at the implementation of repeat verification through the lens line. Then we can clearly see why confirmations work sometimes and not others.

If your confirmation is not working, consider this:

====> Saying words that you do not believe, even if you want them to be true, continue to misunderstand.

=> Example: You confirm higher earnings than you believe is possible and you feel internal conflict or inadequate effect in your confirmation.

====> Saying words you believe, but you do not want them to be true, offers a different taste of misalignment.

=> Sample: You reach some impressions and fail. Then, feeling a defeat, you think you no longer want to do it.

In both cases, your manifestation will be behind your desire for the wrongdoing between you and true religion (as in the first example) or your words and true desire (as in another example).

You can speed up this process and make your discoveries even better by using a well-chosen confirmation.

The simplest and most powerful confirmation begins with two sacred words, "I am."

To find out the most powerful words that follow "I am," follow these four great simple steps:

====> Look at what's the most you're doing.

====> Find its polar opponent.

====> Find the word or phrase that resolves its opposition in a general way.

====> Try the word in the sentence, "I am …" Make sure you feel good when you think about it. If it does not happen, if you find any inconvenience with the sentence, continue searching until you find a word or phrase that concludes confirmation in a way that allows you to smile.

Here is an example. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, you may feel "poor". When you look at it, you'll find "rich".

You could say, "I'm rich." If it works for you, great. You are ready. It's your confirmation. But if the word "rich" means you at any level, then it's not a good word for you in your personal confirmation. You may want to try: "I'm well paid for what I do" or "I'm happy and confident about money." Find words that calm you when you think of them as your truth.

You can apply this to some aspects of your life from content to spiritual.

Once you have your confirmation, you can use it in two simple ways:

====> Repeat it as a mantra. Let this statement put your tone rather than the default thinking that is usually running through your mind

====> Set time to think about your statement. Explain it. Look for what it means to you. Consider the words.

This simple "I am …" confirmation suggestion can change your life. I wish you all that your heart desires.

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Copyright 2006 Rebbie Straubing


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