Football Rules – Freedom – Holding

Most of the activities on the football field are only graduated. Most actions in the game are largely harmless in themselves and become only fake if they are done unfairly. Players often hit each other every time they run or push past each while trying to avoid collision. They cuddle over the ball, or jump in their heads far past and come across another player who is trying to do the same. They may kick the ball and lose narrowly and kick the opponent. These actions are thought to be just part of a good football game, as most physical contacts are involuntary to the players & # 39; tries to win the ball, and most pass by surprise during a typical game.

However, some actions are considered fake when they occur – regardless of why or why they occur. One such act is the threat to ownership.


The words tell us that ownership means holding back. In the context of a football match, the invalid device means to prevent the opponent from using the hands, arm or body. This means keeping your opponent though; It does not mean to take care of opponents, socks or other clothing – unless it hinders freedom of movement and prevents him from moving where he wants to leave. To put it simply, but catching a boxing shirt may be offensive to the player, it does not have to be embarrassed as ownership. But holding the same fist shirt to slow down the player, winning the ball or acquiring another tactical benefit would lead to punishment as a violation.

Usually the ownership consists of using hands or arms. But it may also involve the use of other parts of the body. It's hard to keep on top of the fallen player or use your feet to move away, but it is still used to continue, even if it is used in your arms.


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