From Time Management to Internal Process Coaching

Most of us need to get tasks that are done things that have to be done at a certain time. But time has an unpleasant asset. It can not be expanded. Time can not be compressed and you can not get back the time you lost anywhere.

Some people tried multi projects. Unfortunately, multi-tasking does not work. Many scientific studies showed that multitasking inevitably leads to a loss of quality. One common solution is time management. It seems like you could manage time. In fact, you can not manage time, you can just organize yourself better. The definition of time management is "Time management is an act or process of planning and utilizes conscious control of how long it is spent in certain actions, especially to increase efficiency, efficiency or productivity. Tools and methods used to control time when implementation is specific projects, tasks and objectives that meet maturity. This set covers extensive activities. "It is attributable to three basic actions.

The first is called the Eisenhower principle. Dwight D. Eisenhower was the famous president of the United States. He offered 2 million soldiers and was forced to find a better way to control them. He then came to the Eisenhower method. The method is very easy. For each task you ask: Is it important? Is it done right away? You can only get four possible answers: If it is not important and not urgent it is temporary and should not be done. If it's urgent but not important, you should spend as little time as possible. If they are urgent and important you should do them. Most of your time should be sent on an urgent and important task.

The next principle is called a "sliced ​​elephant". It just means splitting a complex task into a few smaller tasks that you can manage one by one. The third basic plan is called a "delegation". That means getting it done through someone else. Based on these three principles, police literary literature was created: books, seminars, web addresses, training, training.

Someone once called the entire time management industry "business hopes". Most of us tried in vain This is because of the fundamental flaw of time management: it means organization and discipline. If it works, your life is governed by planning, planning, discipline. Do you really want it? If not, get acquainted with internal career training.


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