Fun Goal Setting for Adults

If you've been working hard on personal development, you'll know that the goal often sets up as one of the things you should do. And if you're like most people I've met, then it's where it is: on the list but never quite happening. Mainly because the goal setting looks a bit too much like work. Here are some fun ways you can use to add some glitter to your audience to help you actually do it.

Play "what if"

Most like games and this is definitely one that will take you to a new place in your goals.

You can choose a scenario – fun as if you have just worked in the lottery or if you are in a dreary mood) is a bit like you only have one year to live. Whatever prevents your strings – the first instincts are best to go here.

Ask yourself what you do if any of these events occurred. What would you do differently now? What would you do more? And less of?

Take some time to do this and do not change yourself while you're doing it. Then go back later and look at your list – you'll probably find some common themes and you should be able to take one or two of them as the next goal.

Chunk it down

Often we set big goals. And since nothing is wrong with it, it may cause "I'll never control it" on you.

In that case, play a game with you to see how many pieces you can break your goal down to.

It's like a puzzle that uses hundreds or even thousands of pieces to create one big picture.

You can do the same with your goals that make them seem less addictive.

You can then challenge yourself to complete at least one of these few steps towards your goal every day.

Prepare to be amazed at how this changes your goals.

Use a little software

The targeting application is quite common nowadays – or you can use the lower technology version by writing down the steps toward your goal, print those steps, then go over each step of the list when you & # 39; have finished it

Probably works well.

Personally, I'd rather install software for software, especially if it starts every time I turn on my computer because it serves as an additional reminder to reach the goal I've set.


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