Goal – Challenge yourself and give your goals a start-up

If you really want to speed up the speed you work towards your goals and find yourself setting personal qualities that you never dreamed about, try either of these two electrically-powered ways to increase your productivity.

  1. Find someone in a race . All too often we find that we must achieve our goals exactly, but if you can find someone else, who has the goal to achieve, why not challenge them to race to finish? You could not think of yourself as competitive, but you would be amazed at how depressed you must be if you participate in a little friendly competition. The great thing is that your opponent does not even have to be towards the same goal; All you need is to choose each phase of your own goals and encourage each other to who's going to get there first. Keep a daily discussion of progress going on; even tantalize each other only, but do not forget to encourage each other too. The effect can be galvanizing.
  2. Race yourself . If you can not identify someone else to score, it's almost as effective to compete with you. Give a daily benchmark based on yesterday's performance and try yourself a little more each day. If your goal is fitness or an example, this is a great way to measure and increase your progress. Make a few more repetitions every time, lift a little more weight; run a little farther or a little faster. Always be competitive with your old ones, with no ideals to succeed.

Using these automated technologies adds a new and generously rewarding dimension to your efforts and when you find out where to go for a double short period of time, you have an increased bonus to know that you also compete. Without they striking you, of course. But you're not going to make it happen to you?


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