Goal – Get Your Needs – Tips from a coach

What do you need most in life? Love? Recognition? Security? You may have been unconsciously trying to fill these needs that lead to hurt and disappointment with you and others. It's an effective process to fill your needs and build a book that your coach can provide.

"Understanding human needs is half of meeting them." Adlai E. Stevenson Jr., speech, October 3, 1952. US Embassy and Democratic Politician (1900-1965)

The human spirit has so many needs to varying degrees; Some of these are approved, to achieve, acknowledge, be loved, peace, power, and know. Then customize it within each category. For example, honestly, you could customize it as justice, say everything, loyalty, uprightness, frankness, no lie, no censorship, sincerity, no secret or anything else.

Some needs are stronger for some. What are some of your strongest requirements? To get closer to your need, ask yourself: What do I need to be my best? If I had this, I could achieve my goal and vision without effort. Do this before reading further. What was the need for you?

Now that you know what your greatest need is, how well does it meet?

Do you have goals that protect your heart, soul and self? Dark is a safety line that you draw that only allows the behavior of others that are acceptable and nutritious to you. What are the behaviors of others who nourish you? What are the behaviors of others that are unacceptable to you? The line between these sections is your limit.

Do you have an automatic way to meet your need? What do you need from others to get your need? If you need financial security, have you contacted a partner or financial adviser on how to best meet your needs? Perhaps you need to be in spending decisions, or be in an annual meeting with your financial adviser, or would you like to pay an account? Whatever you come up with, take it into practice.

What are your personal requirements? Personal standards are behaviors that you are responsible for. These are as simple as stealing not as complex as keeping yourself responsible for how others interpret your actions in spite of your intentions. Your personal requirements should stretch you without setting you up to fail.

Once you've defined your need, set goals and create automated ways to meet your needs, your personal requirements will rise because you want to meet what you need in a better and better way.


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