Goal Set – precious lesson

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is courage to continue counting."
– Winston Churchill

"I can accept mistakes, but I can not agree to try."
– Michael Jordan

Goal – Precious Lesson

This week was reminded of a precious lesson. I had a personal goal for some time, and though I was very close to achieving my goal, I did not. The pain of achieving my goal was far more than I expected. Instead of seeing all that I had done, I could only concentrate on what I did not. After giving me time to cool the production, I went back to taking a neutral look and finding the perfectness in that case. Here's an insight I got:

1. Be unresolved – I was so stressed that I was trying to force my departure rather than being open to other possibilities.

2. Enjoy Your Trip – "Success Is Not A Travel Destination" (Deepak Chopra) – By focusing on revenue, I forgot to enjoy the process and all the knowledge and experience I received on my way.

3. Be grateful – When I looked back, it was obvious that I had a lot of gratitude, including a lot of support and encouragement.

4. Forgiveness – I had to forgive me, accept responsibility and ignore it.

5. Live on the moment – I can not change the past, so there's no reason for me to review what might have been. When I look at my life, I can see that the present is wonderful and that's where I want to be.

6. Find perfection in the same failure – Now I can clearly see how perfect the product was. To remind all these theories and gain a new insight is much better than the one I thought I had to have.

What can you learn from my experience? See what goals you have set for you. Are you firmly attached to a certain departure? What if you keep open all the possibilities by keeping your desire but losing it in one way? Being open to all the ways your desire could be fulfilled greatly increases the potential of what you will receive. Here are some features you can take:

1. Look at the current goals and ask: "What can I do to enjoy the process and be detached from production?"

2. Read seven of the spiritual laws of success by Deepak Chopra.

3. Find the perfection (larger image) in all shocks.

Most of all enjoy the trip!

Copyright March 2005


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