Goal Setting – Power Generation

When we decide what we want to be or be or do, we can also describe how we put our minds and # 39; on something. But how do we put our minds? What can we do to ensure we focus on our goals?

One of my favorite ways is to support the image in my mind with real images, real experiences and real feelings. It's important to stimulate as many of our senses as possible to take a lot of mind. Here are some ideas to help:

I have three main goals I'm working on as I write this article. One is to support myself and my family entirely from my work on the Internet. Another is to write my first book and the third is to own Bentley.

So I never forget why I'm doing this work, I've surrounded my workstation; the place where this will be achieved, with images that support these goals. On the right there are three pictures of the car in my dreams, in the color I want with an inner picture, which accurately reflects the leather and cosmetics after and I have even installed the personal registration plate with my initials on it. This is not just a picture of Bentley, this is a picture of my car.

Above the screen, a mockup check is made up for me in the sum of $ 50,000 and dated exactly one year from the date I started this goal. This is the control I will get when I do what I need to do.

Finally, on the left, I have a jacket from the book I'm writing; It's a professional design that carries my name as an author and the title of the book with bold letters.

I look at these inspirations every day before I start working and they help to focus on me, but my visualization does not stop there.

Nest week, I'm visiting Bentley dealers and have booked a test drive. No, I can not afford the car yet, but I want to know exactly how it feels like it, start the engine and go down the road in a superficial leather. I want to keep these memories so that I can run them over and over again.

In a few days, I take the check, put it in an envelope and send it to me so that I can enjoy the idea and experience of receiving big opinions in the mail. I love the moment when I open it and see the numbers again. It sounds crazy, but it makes me smile every time.

I also contemplate my bookshelf on my shelves and in my mind I think people pick it up and put it in the file.

Anytime I can run these situations through my mind and every time they make a little brighter and clearer so now I can remember them by will and feel positive feelings as if they were real and right now .

After this powerful impression, all I have to do is keep on taking a daily action and I know that at the time it's decided, this part and more will all be mine.


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