Goal – The path to self-fulfillment

The goal is the way to self-esteem. We are happy and naturally best when we are doing things that interest us and enjoy doing.

Caring for your life begins with careful consideration of your goals, design plan and self-discipline to implement this plan.

The goal may seem overwhelming or complicated that you hesitate to start because of confusion about what to do and how to do it. Do not waste years by saying you never had the opportunity to try to accomplish all your heart was put on. Look at the possibility of managing your life according to your own goals. The results can be well worth it.

Categorize goals by important areas of your life. For example:

-What you want to be
-What you want to do
-What you want to achieve
-related relationships
-health and well-being

-thumbles and entertainment activities
-spiritual enlightenment

The goal can be grouped as far, medium or short depending on how long you think it will take to achieve them. From your list, select a priority that you can start working right away.

Long-term goals are those that can be achieved in five to ten years or more. Intermediate goals may include what must be done during this phase so long-term goals can be achieved.

Short-term goals can simply be steps that help achieve long-term goals. In other words, they may be sub-goals.

The goal aims at completing a particular phase of the overall goal after a certain period of time. Use a schedule so you know when to deal with each task. Each little profit will lead you closer to your perfect goal.


The most important role after setting goals is to start an operation. Current actions determine future performance. The goal of configuration requires proper planning to give you a policy, purpose, idea of ​​the necessary resources, and determine the obligations that must be performed in advance. It also allows you to break the task into simpler units to minimize tasks that seem overwhelming in complexity in a series of steps.

Finding information related to your goals can be overwhelming tasks if you do not know where to look. Think about the various search units and list them in order and put the best options first. The quality of your decisions will determine the success or failure of the goals. The good decision choices are:

– divide the goal
– find relevant facts
-determine all the facts
– identify what facts are important to you
– make your decision on the correct facts


Prepare a written schedule for your daily activity. Daily timing will help to ensure that you achieve priorities rather than go through the day by doing whatever is comfortable and comfortable at the moment.

Understanding Success

More frequent review helps keep your priorities in mind, let you know when a remedial action is needed, encourages you to try harder to achieve your goals and allow you to experience the ultimate satisfaction that comes with success.


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