Histology: Leader with weaknesses

Jane had just returned from a much needed vacation; spiritual retreat that she called it. She had been working for 9 years in her current position as managing director of OD. She was stuck – something to be given.

Jane looked very good at the 2-day leadership of the horses. She was highly supported to try out new methods to find herself and team. Although she had a small relationship between leadership and horses, she knew from the precision of the personal summit that everyone had taken a pre-workshop that this experience would be revealed no matter what happened.

One would never know what was happening to Jane; no person who is. She seemed happy and vibrant and full of support for her team. However, Dolly, 17 years old, had received Jane from the beginning.

This particular exercise simply needs to lead the horse. Now, this is something that you think the leader could do quite easily. They have been guiding and guiding people for many years. And most leaders assume that these people are doing what they say and following them. Some go so far to "check what they expect". After 16 years of counseling and training leaders, I can easily tell most people not.

For most men we can, and often do, create your own version of reality that can not do anything about what really happens. At workplace or relationships in general, it might work-for some time. For Jane, she's & # 39; ok & # 39; The front end stopped with Dolly, the marriage.

Horses & # 39; highly developed sensing system & # 39; know what's under the surface. They have to survive; Their only defense is a fight or flight. So it's their nature to take up unconscious signs of what really happens. Because the human electromagnetic field is 5000 times bigger than our brains, we actually send signals that we are not aware of and what the horses are related to. So Jane's appearance and methods were relaxed and "natural" to her part, unconsciously because of her recent frost / search, she was against this version of herself.

To be safe, horses need it who they perceive to match what they see, and something about Jane did not play. Dolly answered Jane's inconsistencies and mirrored her stance by not moving. No matter what Jane did for the purpose of & # 39, lead, Dolly, was in place. Jane stopped trying to do what she knew was not happening. "She shows me what I already know," she said. Jane was in very vulnerable, not only was she experiencing a moment of personal conflict, she was doing it in front of her team. When she watched Dolly with tears in her eyes she said, "I can not let them see me. With my gentle support from Dolly, Jane discovers that she must be self-same as Jane's official was feeling.

Through the memory of a workshop, Jane was able to be more perfect. Her vulnerability gave confidence to her team, which allowed them to have similar experiences. Now they have the opportunity and muscle memory to lead their team through the same vulnerability. Throughout the meeting with Dolly, Jane experienced real leadership and shared this with her team.

At the end of these two days, the team completed what they had learned. One was very clear to them … their definition and the idea of ​​leadership had changed dramatically. This is the power and gift of horse training.


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