History of Life Training

It's really very little documented in the history of life training, mainly because it's a very new phenomenon (last twenty years or so). But if you look again, training started very much sooner. In the 1880s American College had athletes coach as well as managers.

Today's big growth has come from the decades when managerial training took place at large companies to improve their management performance.

During this time, training was done only face to face.

When 80 people went to training 90, they were generally recognized and dispersed in smaller organizations and deeper in the planning area. Evaluation of the benefits of training was now widely recognized.

In the mid-1980s, this consent grew and individuals began to realize the full potential of training throughout their lives, not just their jobs. As the benefits spread, make the delivery methods. Telephone training increased in popularity Harsh at this time.

Since then, there has been rapid growth in personal life training. It's not psychology, psychology or counseling, but a process that many find incredibly useful.

Training is now a very important tool for the employer, the employee and the individual at each level.

This confirmation has created great demand for good new coaches and I think demand will continue as more and more people spread the word about the positive benefits of life training.

As I write this, e-training is now a big part. Email training, which offers enormous flexibility for both coaches and customers, is growing fast.


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