How guidance and training can add value if done correctly

One of the most popular issues in the HR community is the idea of ​​integrating guidance and training. In a theoretical context, the combination of these two developmental jobs can provide significant value to the organization in terms of revolutionary individual professional growth, increase knowledge and skills training, and provide highly marketable talent talent talent. I said in a word. More often than not, a mix of guidelines and training is supported due to poor execution but for other reasons.

Here are some more important issues that may result in failure of the suggested training program:

• No clear definition of what guidance and training means and, more importantly, who should take on what role.

• No clear instructions as to what the mentor should assist or deal with and what the trainer should assist or deal with.

• Have a mentor and mentor in a direct report.

• The role of mentor and coach is handled by the same person.

• No formal training for the role of mentor or coach.

The leader, to be successful, should concentrate on organizational and commercial reality. This may include content such as planning, policies and procedures, organization, career, career development and networking, to name just a few. Preferably, the supervisor and mentor should not have a direct network of networks in order to provide extensive comfort and confidentiality. In addition, the mentor should be an individual who has been considered by the organization to succeed and model, has extensive knowledge and experience of the organization and has a personal and professional vision that fulfills the role of mentor.

Training, to be effective, should focus on daily working conditions that affect the individual. This would include logistics management, problem solving and decision-making, crisis management, time management and planning. This is the most appropriate role for a single manager or mentor and not a third party.

Finally, the success of meditation program or procession rests on:

• Being well organized and fully integrated with other development activities

• C-level sponsorship

] • Require mandatory training for all those which are nominated as mentors and coaches.

Training instruction can greatly increase the value of any organization, if the role, responsibility, and desired results are clearly established and shared. It is said that equally important is the effective and efficient implementation of the process that may affect all your employees.


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