How to make a confirmation work

It takes only a few minutes to make confirmation, but they act like magic because they change in focus and in your whole life. When used correctly, confirmation is an amazing opportunity to change your negative, destructive thoughts with positive and constructive thoughts that lead you to take positive action and create the life you've ever wanted. However, this is not the whole story. Most pass two factors that are suggested to change your life with the power of confirmation. This article lists two missing ingredients to enable verification features for you.


The absolute worst way to undermine your efforts is to be inconsistent with the acceptance rule.

You see, what activity we start (or every goal we set) is like the seeds we plant. Seeds do not produce fruit as soon as it is planted, but it takes time to grow: it is the law of sowing and harvesting.
If you take time to keep track of how things work on Earth, you will have to realize that everything is being laid for this law. The time to grow may differ from one seed to another, but it always happens.

Another thing you need to be aware of is that the seed that is planted must die literally in the ground if it is producing trees and fruit. Similarly, you can go through a rough patch when you begin your acceptance policies (no doubt, dissatisfaction with their success) but know that essays are a sign of change from your inner being.


The greatest lesson I have learned about confirmation is that you should choose to believe that what you are saying is true.

One of the characteristics of religion – something that most people forget – is it It's not based on our senses (what we see, hear, touch, smell or click). It seems illogical (without an intellectual basis or justification to explain "why" behind it) at once but that's the nature of faith: it's not tangible.

The best thing you can do is simply choose to believe what you're saying is true … experience will definitely follow if you think the thought of your confirmation in the head of the day. I do not suggest that you think about them but rather that you should use them as a "weapon" to stop negative thinking that can prevent you from working as if you should know the results.

And where you have it: consistency in the habit of acceptance and belief in what you are saying are missing ingredients that make people say that authentication does not work.

If you begin to do the things described above, there's no reason why you do not change your life as you like. The law of sowing and harvesting always work.


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