How to Use Confirms in the Right Way – Part One

Confirmation has been used by successful people for centuries. It has helped many ordinary people to get incredible in their lives. It has turned many mistakes in success.

It has created many miracles in the history of humanity. However, the majority of people who use authentication feel that it does not work. Why? What are the factors people lost when using authentication technology.

What is the purpose of the confirmation?

You need to know and understand the true goal of confirmation. Simply put, the purpose of confirmation is to give a command from conscious thinking to the subconscious mind. Underconsciousness has the ability, in all it takes as truth, to do what it takes to change it in reality. The purpose of confirmation is to send a message for subconscious mind and to make it believe the message is true. This leads us to the first factor in successful confirmation.

1) The confirmation must be credible to the subconscious mind.

Most confirmations that people use fail in this first level. They tend to give unrealistic messages to the subconscious mind and hope for a positive response. If you're financially broken, and you say to yourself; I earn $ 100,000 a year, is this credible in your mind?

Your consciousness and subconscious mind will play a tennis game. Subconscious mind will say no! It's not true, you're a liar and aware, your logic will say yes! It's true. This tennis game will continue for a while. Until the subconscious takes it as reality. If your body is completely out of shape, and you say to yourself; I'm very appealing! Is this credible in your mind? I doubt it.

What if you are a brother now and you want to make $ 100,000 a year? What if you are out of shape and you want to make yourself attractive? I find the best and easiest way to use the word that I welcome in your confirmation. Instead of saying I want to earn $ 100,000 a year. Say I choose to earn $ 100,000 a year. Instead of saying that I'm very appealing. Tell me I think people find me attractive.

2) The subconscious mind always seeks to prove.

It's a misconception that confirmation has been repeated repeatedly thousands of times before it can be set up in the subconscious mind. This is not necessarily true You can use the recurring device to incorporate your confirmation, but it's an easier way. It's at the time you find the proof, tell your confirmation. Many people are in poverty because they associate pain with money. Whenever they spend their money, they think about their bills, loans, etc. This will automatically lead to ultimate pain. It's the feeling that you attach to money that makes you rich or poor.

How can we change this? Instead of feeling pain when you spend money, what if we connect ourselves with it? Next time you go shopping, the moment you take your money or your credit card, say this confirmation for yourself, I always have more than enough to spend. See how you feel. This works because the subconscious views the proof. As long as you have money left in your pocket, this confirmation is always true, so the subconscious mind will believe it.


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